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Genres: Latin, Seasonal

Victor Guillermo Toro (Touro) (born in Ensenada, Puerto Rico on July 26, 1933) is a guitarist and one of Puerto Rico's most famous cuatro players. Toro is probably best known for performing the opening theme song to the 1971 Woody Allen film Bananas, and for his contributions to various Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe's albums, particularly the by-now classic ''"Asalto Navideño"'' and "Feliz Navidad". Yomo Toro composed only one song for Fania label "El Lechon de Cachete" about himself. Yomo Toro, who has recorded with major artists such as Cuban legend Arsenio Rodríguez and Arsenio's bassist Alfonso "El Panameño" Joseph at the Palladium New York Nightclub. Toro also played at El Teatro P...

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