Rush Limbaugh


Birth Name: Rush Limbaugh
Born: 01/12/1951
Birth Place: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

Born Rush Hudson Limbaugh III in Cape Girardeau, MO, he was the scion of a prominent Southern family with ties to the White House and conservative politics that dated back a half century. His grandfather, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, whose surname came from the maiden name of a family member, served in the Missouri State House of Representatives, as well as America's ambassador to India during the Eisenhower administration. His son, Rush Limbaugh, Jr., was an attorney, while President George W. Bush appointed an uncle, Stephen Limbaugh, to the U.S. District Court. Naturally, Limbaugh's childhood was steeped in conservative politics, though he passed on the family business in favor of a career in ra...

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