'Saturday Night Live' Season 41, Episode 13: Melissa McCarthy/Kanye West

2/14/2016 12:57pm EST
Kanye West Brings New Music To SNL, Has Epic Rap Battle With Kyl
Melissa McCarthy is one of the most reliable “SNL” hosts of this decade. She always brings her A-game, making herself right at home at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. She has her critics who call her out for playing the same character over and over: brash, over-the-top, and painfully awkward.

That can be a problem with a film career (though she usually brings more depth than her critics give her credit for), but in sketch comedy, it can easily be a winning formula.

Frequent musical guest Kanye West is also reliable, but his is a reliable unreliability, in which the stage design and sound style will...

'The Good Wife': Creators Robert & Michelle King Talk Ending The Series

2/14/2016 11:55am EST
'The Good Wife': Creators Robert & Michelle King Talk Ending The
Tonight begins the end of The Good Wife, as the CBS drama airs the first of what we now know will be its final nine episodes. Series co-creators and showrunners Robert and Michelle King spoke to reporters recently to discuss why they stuck to their original plan of ending the series after seven seasons.

They also teased what might be ahead and whether or not any fan favorites might come back to visit Alicia (Julianna Margulies) before the series finale airs on Sunday, May 8.

"We started the show back in 2009 with the idea that it would only go 13 episodes because that was the only thing w...

'Chicago Fire' Star Yuri Sardarov Turns Comedic In 'Boyband'

2/14/2016 9:31am EST
'Chicago Fire' Star Yuri Sardarov Turns Comedic In 'Boyband'
Saving the day on Chicago Fire is serious stuff, so it's a fun change of pace to see Yuri Sardarov (whom fans of the NBC show will know as Brian "Otis" Zvonecek) go for the laughs in the web series Boyband.

The second season officially premieres today, including Yuri as one of the members of the band's hilarious glam squad, and we caught up with him last week to talk about comedy and how he'd judge his own sense of style.

First off, how did he go from firefighter to stylist? Credit that to one of his Chicago Fire co-stars. "I think Chris Stolte, who plays Mouch, saw the first episode and ...

Sunday TV Guide: 'Bob's Burgers' Brings Back A Not-So-Missed Character

2/14/2016 8:37am EST
Sunday TV Guide: 'Bob's Burgers' Brings Back A Not-So-Missed Cha
Bob's Burgers is doing a Valentine's Day themed episode tonight, and that means the show is bringing back a character you might not have missed: Gene's ex-girlfriend Courtney Wheeler (voiced by David Wain), who comes on way too strong. He's forced to reunite with her when they're recruited to deliver the Wagstaff School morning announcements in "The Gene and Courtney Show," airing at 7:30 p.m. on FOX. Below is a preview clip:

That leads into a new episode of The Simpsons, which likewise focuses on the holiday and turns its attention to supporting character Professor John Frink, whose que...

Why Is Lisa Rinna Going After Yolanda Foster?

2/14/2016 7:44am EST
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna may have been a respected actress before she went on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Lisa is learning that she can’t speak her mind and expect not to get a reaction. On this week’s episode, Lisa accused Erika Jayne of lying to the ladies about how much she had told Yolanda Foster about the ladies. Erika just wanted her friend to know what the other women were saying behind her back, but Lisa claims that Yolanda twisted her words. And Lisa was upset that she was getting blamed.

According to a new tweet, Lisa Rinna is now making a joke on Twitter that didn’t sit well wi...

Is James Kennedy Using Fame To Sell Music?

2/14/2016 6:42am EST
James Kennedy and Lala Kent
James Kennedy may have been that adorable boy with a British accent when he first joined Vanderpump Rules, but his attitude has completely changed when he started getting a taste of the reality TV fame. James bashed Kristen Doute, and he started thinking that everyone wanted him. And on Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, he told Lisa Vanderpump that he helps bring people into SUR, as they want to listen to his music.

According to a new report, James Kennedy is now taking advantage of SUR and his role with the restaurant, as he wants to start selling his music. “#PumpSessions is coming ...

Peter Thomas Rebuilding In Charlotte, NC

2/14/2016 6:10am EST
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas is currently very busy opening up another establishment in Charlotte, North Carolina and he may have some haters in this process. Rather than opening up the establishment in Atlanta, Peter decided it would be best to open up another business in North Carolina - far away from home. And he wants to find success with the right people. According to a new Instagram post, Peter Thomas is busy building his team who will take him to the top.

“The only way to win is by surrounding yourself with people who not scare to loose,” Thomas revealed on Instagram, sharing some advice from Diddy...

Kenya Moore's Surprise May Just Have Been Ruined

2/14/2016 5:37am EST
Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore may have found love with a man named Matt, but it sounds like she still has that one big wish; to have a baby. She recently revealed that she would be pursuing IVF when the show wasn’t filming, because she would then have time to go to the necessary appointments. While Kenya may want to share the pregnancy news herself, it sounds like one of her co-stars may have done it for her. Phaedra Parks recently dished some news about Kenya Moore, according to a new report. It happened when Phaedra visited Dish Nation, where Porsha Williams works.

“Honey, I did hear that one of her NON b...

James Murray On Season 5 Of 'Impractical Jokers': 'The Show's Getting Crazier'

2/13/2016 11:08am EST
James Murray On Season 5 Of 'Impractical Jokers': 'The Show's Ge
A new year means a new season of Impractical Jokers. The fabulous Staten Island foursome have now spent more than a hundred episodes making us laugh by battling to embarrass each other, and they're not slowing down.

Starpulse caught up with America's favorite ferret, James "Murr" Murray (pictured above bottom with fellow Jokers Brian "Q" Quinn, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano) to talk Season 5 and ask if he's finally embraced his constant comparison to a small, furry animal.

Did he ever think the show would make it to Season 5? "We're amazed we got to episode two," Murr laughed. "I'm amazed non...

'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'HellCopter' - Sal's Big Plunge

2/13/2016 9:28am EST
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'HellCopter' - Sal's Big Plunge
The Impractical Jokers are back for a fifth season packed with laughs, mayhem and public humiliation. In the season premiere "HellCopter," the Jokers revisit an old but good challenge and then completely ruin wax museums for everyone. Who's the big loser? And who does something they'd probably like to take back? Here's our Scorecard.

Challenge #1: Bad Reception
The guys are playing receptionists in another office, having to do and say what they're told. That starts with Joe, who discovers the other Jokers have planted an entire drawer full of hot dogs (naturally he eats one). He then gets ...

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