Cold Lazarus

In this sequel to Dennis Potter's "Karaoke," the cryogenically frozen head of Daniel Feeld is revived by scientists hoping to tap into his memory and learn about the past.In the year 2368, a team of cryobiologists under the leadership of Professor Emma Porlock and two laboratory technicians succeed in reaching into the memory or Daniel Feeld, who died 374 years ago. The huge expense of the project incurs the wrath of American tycoon Martina Masdon, owner of the Science Center, who threatens to suspend or abandon the "Lazarus Operation." Entertainment mogul David Siltz, however, is fascinated by it. Emma, Tony and Luanda become caught up in a horrific battle between the terrorist group R.O.N.... Full Summary >>


Albert Finney - (Daniel Feeld)
Frances De La Tour - (Emma Porlock)
Ciarán Hinds - (Fyodor)
Henry Goodman - (David Siltz)
Diane Ladd - (Martina Masdon)

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