The Education of Max Bickford


A drama series about Max Bickford, a college professor whose world is turned upside down when, among other things, he is passed over for a long-overdue promotion. The promotion is given instead to a new teacher at the all-girl Chadwick College, Andrea Haskell, a former student of Max's with whom he had an affair. To add insult to injury, it was his old friend, the president of the college, Judith Hackett Bryant, who passed him over for the job. Meanwhile, Max's joy comes from spending time with his son, Lester, an aspiring basketball star. More challenging is his relationship with his daughter, Nell, a freshman at Chadwick who is trying to find her way. Making life even more confusing, his b...

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Regina Taylor

Katee Sackhoff

Marcia Gay Harden

Richard Dreyfuss

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