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This comedy series focuses on a close-knit group of friends who frequently gather at each other's apartments and share sofa space at Central Perk, a coffee house in Greenwich Village. Monica Geller is a would-be chef with an obsession for neatness and order. Rachel Green, was Monica's pampered best friend in high school, who walked out on her groom. Ross, Monica's older brother, is a paleontologist who has had a crush on Rachel since school days. He was thrust into bachelorhood when his first wife announced she was a lesbian and left him. Chandler is a lovable wiseguy who works as a corporate numbers cruncher. Joey, a struggling actor, loves women, sports and himself. Rounding out the circl... Full Summary >>


Lisa Kudrow - (Phoebe Buffay)
Courteney Cox - (Monica Geller)
Matthew Perry - (Chandler Bing)
David Schwimmer - (Ross Geller)
Matt LeBlanc - (Joey Tribbiani)

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