Maybe I'm Adopted

A comedy series about a teenaged girl who feels out of place in her eccentric family. In the smallest town in the smallest state lives Molly Stages, a 15-year-old just emerging from braces and baby fat into the wonderful world of adolescence. Now that she's ready to blossom, the only thing that may cause her to wilt is her family. Complete with pop-up graphics to bolster Molly's narration, the series traces Molly's struggle to find her place in life while she comes to terms with her well-meaning family. Mom, Mary, is a penny-pincher. Dad, Jerry, centers life around coaching the girls' soccer team. One older brother is a delinquent, the other is a Christian rocker. Molly's twin sisters have r... Full Summary >>


Kira Allen
Cherise Bangs
Andrea Bogart - (Julie)
Danny Bonaduce - (Radio Personality)
Marisa Brown - (Allison)

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