'Revolution' Season 2 Episode 17: Arabic Writing On The Wall

'Revolution' Season 2 Episode 16: The Manchurian Post-Blackout Patriot

'Revolution' Season 2 Episode 15: Not Time Travel

'Revolution Season' 2 Episode 14: Time Travel!

'Revolution' Season 2 Episode 13: Steven Tyler Mummy

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Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why? Now, 15 years later, li... Full Summary >>


Billy Burke - (Miles)
Tracy Spiridakos - (Charlie Matheson)
Giancarlo Esposito - (Capt. Neville)
Zak Orth - (Aaron)
David Lyons - (Bass)

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