Pop Topper Of The Week: Austin Mahone - 'What About Love'

June 11th, 2013 3:47pm EDT | Adrienne Erin By: Adrienne Erin
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Austin Mahone

At just 17 years old, young Austin Mahone has already seen the world, garnered millions of fans and sold thousands of singles and records. His big break into music came with the release of his debut single “11:11,” which was released on Valentine’s Day, 2012. With the millions of adoring fans following his every movement, his newly released single is sure to make the charts. That is why Austin Mahone’s “What About Love” is this week’s Pop Topper of the Week.

But just for clarification, this made Pop Topper of the Week not because of its ability to be perceived as ‘good,’ but rather as its ability to stir up a buzz or two.

Mahomies got a treat earlier Monday (June 10) when Austin Mahone released his highly anticipated new single, “What About Love.” It currently sits at #7 on the iTunes Music Charts, and is poised to rise even further throughout the day! You can buy it on iTunes for just 69 cents for a limited time.

Austin Mahone got his start in the same way Justin Bieber did – being discovered from YouTube videos! Like Bieber, Mahone grew up without a father. And if you squint, they even look like the same person. As with the sound of their music, the two are constantly compared to each other.

Check out the song in the YouTube embed below: