Interview with the Makers Behind the MilestonePod—Tiny, Inexpensive Device to Track the Miles on Your Running Shoes

January 28th, 2013 10:00am EST | Alan Danzis By: Alan Danzis


If you’re a serious runner, you know you need to change your shoes after about 500 miles. But unless you’re adding up all your runs via Runkeeper or some other app, you have to estimate. (And that can be difficult if you tend to go on a lot of random length runs.)

That’s where the MilestonePod (currently on Indiegogo, looking for funding) comes in.

It’s a tiny, inexpensive device with a digital display that you put on your shoe to track your miles. Think of it as a pedometer for your running shoes. Once you replace your shoes, wipe the mileage clean and start at 0 miles on your next pair.