Feed Your Zombie Hunger During 'The Walking Dead' Hiatus

April 28th, 2013 1:30pm EDT

The Walking Dead Sure, having Mad Men back on Sunday nights has been pretty great, but there’s still a ton of folks out there missing The Walking Dead—which won’t be back until likely October.
If you’re one of those fans missing Daryl, Rick and everyone else, here’s a couple of ways to feed your zombie hunger.

Play a game based on the comic or the show.
I called it 2012’s best video game and now you can find out why. Telltale’s game, The Walking Dead, is based on the comics, so you won’t see Daryl or anything else from the TV show, but it’s hands down one of the greatest games ever made.
Or, you can try Activision’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct which is based on the TV show and stars Daryl. In this prequel story, find out what he and his brother were up to before they met up with Rick. While the game has a weaker story compared to Telltale’s masterpiece, there are a few great shocking, jump-out-of-your-seat moments. (Plus, the crossbow is a blast to use.)

Make up your own storylines with the McFarlane Toys line.
McFarlane Toys just released their newest figure line based on The Walking Dead TV show so now you can pick up a couple and make up your own storylines with some of your favorite characters.
New characters now available include Michonne, her two “pet” zombies” and an autopsy zombie. Each figure is available for $14.99 from most major retailers.
We’re even giving away four of the new figures signed by Todd McFarlane himself. Details here.

Run away from zombies in real life!
Finally, there’s a couple ways to enjoy zombie culture and stay in shape.
You can feel like you’re running away from zombies in your own neighborhood by downloading the Zombie Run app for your iPhone or Android phone. Like Runkeeper and other running apps, it’ll track your distance run and calories burned, but you’ll also hear an entire story unfold in your ears as you run away from the undead.
Or sign up for a local Zombie Run 5K where you will literally need to run away from people dressed up as zombies.

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