Big Brother Episode 9: Intimidation, Thy Name Is Amanda

July 18th, 2013 10:30am EDT

Big Brother Tonight’s episode of Big Brother was on the boring side but it gave us two great moments: Elissa standing up for herself against Amanda and the reoccurring appearance of the bear shirt. Now on to the episode…

Part One: Shaking and Scrambling

Previously on BB: The Mean Girls lived up to their name, The Moving Company was revealed, and Helen turned out to be a major disappointment.
Kaitlin doesn’t like the “stupid sympathy hugs” after the nomination. I’m guessing Kaitlin doesn’t like a lot of things that human beings do.
Aaryn thinks she’s nominated because she’s a “straight shooter” and a “strong personality.” Let that sink in.

Jeremy thinks he’ll be the MVP nomination. His backhanded “thanks to you, America” comment was pretty funny. We hate you, Jeremy.

McCrae’s caveman pants are horrible. I hope he’s evicted just for wearing them.
Helen, McCrae, and Amanda have a meeting about who Elissa should put up. Elissa isn’t there. The gall of these three thinking that she’s a puppet, not a person…

Helen CRIES when talking to Spencer about The Moving Company. Yet, her mastermind edit is still intact. Stop, pretending that those are crocodile tears, Helen. Nobody believes you.
I love that Judd’s bear shirt is passed on from houseguest to houseguest. It’s the greatest shirt of all time, so it’s good that the houseguests realize it too.
Elissa wins MVP again. She pretends to be shocked. Nobody is shocked. Not her. Not us. Not the houseguests.
McCrae and Amanda try to intimidate Elissa to put up Howard. This is pretty much the moment I decided I didn’t like those two. They don’t include Elissa in any of their strategy discussions, but expect her to make their big moves for them. Gross.

Elissa realizes that they’re trying to get her to do their dirty work so that they can have their hands clean.
Howard comes clean. It’s really endearing. He’s conflicted between what you have to do to be in the game and who he is as a person.
I like Elissa in this episode. She realizes that Amanda and McCrae are trying to vilify (or villainize, as she puts it) Howard and she’s strong enough not to go for it.
When Amanda doesn’t get what she wants, she gets heated. She’s showing her true colors.


Part Two: The Veto Problem

The MVP nomination is revealed. It’s Spencer.
They DIDN’T show McCrae lying about being MVP before the nomination and therefore being pissed that Elissa didn’t do what he said.
Spencer is strangely good-natured about his nomination.
Candice and Gina Marie are picked to play veto. Helen has a cute, excited DR about it.
The Mean Girls cry about winning veto because it could potentially send Jeremy home. Kaitlin even tells Gina Marie not to use the veto if she wins it. That should be an automatic eviction for uttering those words.

Gina Marie: “Aaryn is my girl.” She’s going to regret those words.


Part Three: Keeping Up With The Jones’

Amanda tells Kaitlin that she will go home if she stays on the block. This is somehow a shock to Kaitlin, who believes that Aaryn’s annoying personality trumps having a showmance.
Judd wears the bear shirt to host the POV. This is important information.
The POV competition is pretty cool. It combines ridiculous houseguest-famous art hybrids, a trampoline, and memory. Also, it’s a new competition from what we’ve seen in past seasons.

Aaryn blames her inability to complete the competition on the fact that she hates everybody else. Yes, it’s the fault of everyone else.
The picture of Nick distracts Gina Marie. “By the grace of God and Nick, I did well in this veto competition.” This bitch is crazy.
Spencer makes a Keeping Up With The Kardashians joke. He also ensures his safety for a few weeks by doing terribly in the competition.
Candice does better than Aaryn by over a minute. I hope that stings. Kaitlin beats Candice by almost two minutes, winning the prize.


Part Four: To Use Or Not To Use

Jeremy wants to turn on the “Cherokee charm” to get people to do what he wants to do. It’s the same charm that got half the house to hate his guts.
Kaitlin is confident she can get Howard on the block. Before she can even say anything, Helen starts crying. Stop crying. Geez.

Helen brings up that one time that Jeremy whined about the wine, as if he came up to her and said “talk about the wine again and I’ll kill you.” No, he had a hissy fit. Stop taking everything so personally.

Kaitlin gives up trying to convince Helen in two seconds.

Kaitlin: “Why do you have to be so cocky?”
Jeremy: “I’m so badass. I can’t help it. A champ is a champion. I don’t lose, it’s not in my blood.” Goodbye forever, Jeremy.

Kaitlin considers for a moment not using the veto because she is dumb as hell.
Candice’s collection of huge earrings is so cute.
Kaitlin ultimately uses the veto because whatever drug she was on wore off.
Helen is wearing the Bear Shirt while at the veto ceremony. Long live the bear shirt.

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