'Big Brother' 15 Episode 24: Andy The Rat, Elissa The Beast, And Amanda The Boss

8/22/2013 10:30am EDT | Alyssa Landau By: Alyssa Landau

Big Brother

Part One: I Honestly Think Elissa Is Her Target

Previously on Big Brother: Everything was terrible. Andy was a rat. Amanda told her pets, McCrae and Andy what to do. Aaryn joined their merry band of evil. Amanda’s DR’s continued to be over the top terrible. Helen’s delusion lead to her to believe that Elissa was somehow the target over her. And, seriously, everything was terrible.

• The tag scene before the credits: Aaryn yelling “My HAIR came out.” Also, me yelled “YES!”
• Reminder: Aaryn’s nomination speech calling Helen and Elissa a power duo, while pointing out that she’s close with Gina Marie. Another reminder: she told everybody in the house that she was going to drag Elissa through the mud in her speech. Womp womp.
• Helen still thinks her alliance with Andy and McCrae is real. MASTERMIND!
• “McCrae can control Amanda.” Helen, you look really dumb right now.
• Elissa’s DR: I’m sad about being on the block with Helen. Helen’s DR: I’m totally safe. K? Bye, Elissa.
• Andy: “I feel very out of the loop.” Nobody really believes that.
• Elissa tells Helen she’s sorry about them being on the block. Helen hears, and tells Andy later, Elissa saying that it’s all her fault their on the block, please forgive me, you’re the best, etc. Delusional, party of 1.
• The conversation between Helen and Andy further emphasizes how little she understands about the game.
• Too much time on Amanda and McCrae making out. Too much!
• “What do you think, McCrae?” “I don’t know.” Those three words are his anthem.
• Amanda is so certain that a Helen and Elissa fight will end up with her getting Elissa under her wing. Meanwhile, Elissa doesn’t trust a word Amanda says. Amanda, meet the one person in the house who won’t pay rent for a place up your butt.
• Amanda and Elissa are having a game conversation. McCrae is in the room and doesn’t say a single thing. That’s how pointless he is. He has nothing to contribute to the conversation. Terrible game player.
• Andy, you do know that you can keep information to yourself?
• Time for the veto competition. Helen spends a lot of time saying she doesn’t want Spencer to play. So, of course Spencer will play.
• Veto players: GM, Spencer (pulled by Helen), and Andy.
• Spencer says, “Good girl” to Helen. Gross as hell.
• Elissa got houseguest’s choice and chose Andy. Amazing. If he would have won, he would have been in the worst position ever. Good job losing those jury votes, buddy.
• These Helen/Andy conversations are infuriating because Helen is so willfully ignorant. Plus, Andy lying so vigorously is going to be something people will think about and talk about in the jury house.
• Andy wants to throw the veto, but his master, Amanda, is not having it. For the first time, Andy actually has to cross over the floater line he’s been hanging on to for dear life.

Part Two: Superwoman Beats The Bitches

• Veto is the OTEV competition, which has a history of being the best veto competition ever because of its ability to incite acts of violence. No huge Big Brother fan will ever forget the time Janelle made James cry after kicking him in the face. This should be good.
• This year’s OTEV is a crying beaver, created solely for the double entendre. The voice is annoying, pleading for love letters to evicted houseguests.
• Round one is basically about that time that Jeremy cried like a baby about the wine.
• Elissa’s strategy is to find the right card, but also look at the other cards for later use.
• Gina Marie can only find Nick cards. Run, Nick, run. GM trips over a log, a moment made for the gifs it would create.
• Round two makes mention of Judd’s bear shirt.
• Helen and Elissa both try to run towards the last stump. Elissa essentially jumps up the wall, without the use of the rope. It’s awesome, basically. Only to be ruined by Amanda making a stupid victory face seconds later.
• They play the Elissa moment twice because it’s so amazing. She was even submerged under water while Helen was practically up the wall.
• Round three mentions the time that Candice was forced to wear Aaryn’s racist clown suit in a spectacular feat of ignorance on Big Brother’s part.
• Elissa tackles Andy to get to the stump first. She should have also stomped on his face, but I’ll take what I can get.
• Round four is about Howard. Elissa finds it and rushes up the wall without the rope again. Aaryn gets out on this round because it’s only appropriate that she goes out on a black person’s name.
• Spencer and Elissa compete for round five, which is about Jessie. Elissa wins. Finally something good happens.
• Live feed note: the rest of the houseguests complained that this veto was about luck. Basically she destroyed them and they did what they could to make themselves feel like they aren’t losers. Which they are.

Part Three: Amanda’s Mistake

• Elissa and Helen celebrate. Helen acknowledges that OTEV is really difficult.
• Helen is too certain that she’ll be safe against Spencer. MASTERMIND!
• “Thanks for trying in that comp, Andy.” “…Yeah.” But at least Helen recognizes that he really wasn’t trying at all.
• Amanda tells Elissa bluntly that Helen is leaving this week. She thinks it will make Elissa another one of her puppets, but she’s not thinking it through. She’s going to hate Amanda for acting like she’s the one voice that matters. Amanda needs to take her head out of her ass.
• Elissa tries to subtly warn Helen about the conversation she had with Amanda. Unlike the other houseguests, she doesn’t immediately run to her and blab everything.
• Helen tries to propose a girls alliance with Helen, Elissa, GM, and Aaryn, not knowing that Amanda owns Aaryn. Aaryn’s DR claims that her biggest fear, besides black people, is that Amanda is running the house. She actually says McCrae’s name too but all the viewers know that McCrae’s biggest move is when he gets out of bed to go to the bathroom.
• Helen starts to realize that Andy isn’t on her side. But will it stick. (Spoiler alert: no)

Part Four: It’s Amanda’s Game, Andy’s Just Playing It For Her

• Aaryn talks to Andy about the wine fight, leading to a winegate flashback. Aaryn tries to justify her actions by saying it was because everybody hated her. That’s some revisionary history right there. She was on top of the world the first week, turning everybody against Elissa.
• The flashbacks feature Candice. Miss her.
• Aaryn tries to make Amanda look like the villain of that night. Nothing is ever Aaryn’s fault. The two have it out.
• McCrae watches like he’s a gargoyle.
• Aaryn’s eyebrows are her punishment for her nastiness.
• Andy tries to smooth things over with Aaryn. I don’t believe for a second that Andy wasn’t hired to get Amanda to the end. Hopefully he’s getting a higher stipend.
• Amanda and Aaryn fight some more over this stupid wine fight from a MONTH AGO. Aaryn cries.
• “Every one of my HOH’s I’ve done what she wants.” Ding ding ding. Aaryn evicted a close ally, Judd, and is about to evict another, Helen, for Amanda.
• Andy, Amanda’s mother, continues to claim that she is only doing what’s best for them all. Anybody who has a final three deal with a showmance doesn’t deserve to get screen time. I’m done talking about him.
• Aaryn considers putting up Amanda. Will she make this awesome, big game move? (Spoiler alert: no.)
• Elissa takes herself off the block. Her speech is really sweet. She says she wants to use it on Helen, but can’t. And then promises to be a vote for Helen.
• Aaryn puts up Spencer and then yet again puts the blame on somebody else.
• Aaryn claims she wanted to put Amanda up but was too scared. Too bad you weren’t HOH or anything.
• Tomorrow, a juror comes back. Hopefully that means SOMETHING, ANYTHING will happen that isn’t in Amanda’s favor. (Spoiler alert: no.)

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