Big Brother 15 Episode 27: Amanda The Drama Queen VS Elissa The Queen Bee

August 29th, 2013 12:30pm EDT

Big Brother Part One: Like Looking Into Hell

I haven’t been covering every episode because I haven’t been watching them completely. Amanda is the worst houseguest since Evel Dick and she only gets worse. The show isn’t that fun anymore. She and her cronies have single handedly ruined what should be fluffy summer fun.
Previously On: Amanda was certain she could get Elissa to do what she wanted. She couldn’t. So she cried about it. That’s the season in a nutshell.


McCrae and Aaryn are nominated. She cries. McCrae is convinced that he’s been running the game. It’s been his missus. He’s just slept through the season.
Aaryn dramatically cries on a chair, but in a way where she knows she has a good angle. Fake.
Amanda can’t believe that GM would be nice to Elissa. Amanda doesn’t understand the concept of a social game.
Aaryn thinks speaking to Elissa is like “looking into Hell.” No self-awareness at all.
In Amanda’s DRs she conveys normal information in the hokiest way possible.
Best DR ever: Elissa sits in silence, barely holding in laughter. “I’m just thinking about how awesome it would be if Amanda left.”
Elissa approaches Judd and then Aaryn about backdooring Amanda. Nobody objects, obviously.
Aaryn has a DR about being on board with the plan but all I can think is, “why are her eyebrows like that?”

Part Two: The Time Is Now To Get Amanda Out of The House

Time to pick players for the veto competition. Worst case scenario is Amanda getting picked, so of course Elissa picks her first. Elissa’s face betrays her. She’s obviously annoyed.
McCrae picks Gina Marie. Aaryn gets houseguest choice and picks Judd. Amanda is upset, because she wanted her to pick Andy and basically only do her bidding, duh.
They show Amanda and McCrae in the shower, which is a very rare occurrence. That must be why they felt the need to scar us for life.
Aaryn is just starting to realize that Amanda doesn’t care about her as a person, just as a puppet.
GM is rather astute about the way Amanda is playing, which is strange for somebody who can barely speak in coherent sentences.
“Amanda is the female version of Jeremy.” See what I mean? GM gets it.
Amanda walks back and forth to try to catch them in a conversation. It’s desperate.
Elissa does an amazing spit take when Amanda starts her tantrum.
Amanda is VERY upset that people are talking game when she’s not involved. McCrae has to push her away so she doesn’t get into a blow out fight with GM.
Amanda complains that GM has been talking shit about Elissa, but Elissa only shrugs and says she doesn’t care.
Amanda can’t believe Elissa might be blaming her for Helen’s eviction, an eviction she took full credit for.
Elissa laughing in Amanda’s face is the highlight of this season. The cherry on top is Amanda crying.
“I saved you,” is Amanda’s battle cry. She says it all the time, despite never being HOH or using a veto on anybody. It’s not really a claim she can honestly make.


Part Three: Zing!

Zingbot wakes the houseguests. Elissa’s reaction: “Shut up!”
“McCrae, I finally understand why you’re always wearing shorts. Because Amanda wears the pants.” McCrae is VERY bothered that GM is cackling and slapping her hand on the table.
Gina Marie’s zing is a fatal attraction joke. But she would never hurt him…unless she found out he was married. Yikes.
Andy’s zing is about how he whines, is pale, and a floater (like a ghost, gettit?). Elissa thinks the pale part is worst. Andy is enraged at being called a floater. He definitely shouldn’t read comments when he gets out.
Aaryn’s is about her being a mean girl. Too bad we didn’t get a reaction from her.
Amanda’s is about her tramp stamp. Unfortunately, she shows it to the viewers in the DR. Can’t unsee.
Elissa’s is about being a cheap imitation of Rachel. Yawn.
GM thinks the baby zingbot sounds like Andy. Zing.
The comp is physical, where you need to toss yourself a ball 250 times without dropping it.
Judd, a smoker, is out of breath and throwing up. He basically gives up.
Gina Marie dropped the ball at one point but is still very close to Amanda who has never dropped her ball.
“You can do it for Nick,” Elissa to GM. Elissa knows what she’s doing here.
Amanda gloats about her very first win. She also mentions the nonexistent McCranda Army.
Worst case scenario. Her first win is the one she needed the most.


Part Four: She’s the Grossest Person in the World

Amanda thinks that GM is going on the block. Andy is worried because he voted out her best friend, Helen last week. Elissa promised she’d come after him if he voted her out. He cried about being threatened, but really it was a simple promise.
Elissa cries about Amanda winning, saying she’s the worst person ever.
Elissa jokes around with Amanda about throwing the competition, but Amanda once again proves that she can dish it but not take it.
Amanda goes on a rampage, saying horrible things to Elissa, getting up in her face, and telling her that her HOH is a waste. Hun, it’s not a waste if your alliance is leaving.
Amanda’s genius plan to get GM on the block is to harass Elissa. She makes fun of her appearance, calling her plastic, despite Amanda being filled with botox and fake body breasts.
“She’s a disgusting, vile person.”- Judd, speaking for every viewer.
“I’m going to torture you every single day. Every. Single. Day.”- Amanda, the psycho. She sings about Elissa having nobody while the people outside roll their eyes about how gross Amanda is. She’s certainly doing her part to isolate herself from her allies.
As Amanda goes crazy, Elissa sits safely in her room laughing at her. Seriously, what does Amanda think this is going to do? She’s just trying to pass off one of her bipolar episodes as a game move.


Part Four: No One Comes Between Me and My Vile Behavior

Andy claims that he despises this behavior, but sees it as advantages to his game. By not defending her publically, he’s not putting anything on the line so it’s pointless.
Elissa clearly doesn’t buy Andy’s pitch. She barely responds when he claims to be her friend.
Veto meeting. Amanda steals the “no one comes between me and my man” line because if you’re going to steal E. Dick’s schtick, might as well go full out in plagerising.
Elissa zings Amanda by saying that Rachel would be disgusted by her using that line.
“Sit down, trash,” Amanda says when Elissa puts up Andy.
So, one of Amanda’s alliance will leave this week. She loses. And not with grace.
Andy claims he isn’t playing for third place, as he puts on chapstick for more Amanda ass kissing. Will he actually turn against Amanda? (Spoiler alert: no.)

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