The Challenge Rivals 2 Episode “Thrilla in Camilla”

8/29/2013 12:55am EDT | Alyssa Landau By: Alyssa Landau



Diem really isn’t getting the same positive edit she got on Battle of the Exes, is she? Clearly her romance with CT is a major storyline this season, as it has been in every season they’ve ever shared. He begins the episode by telling her “You know I still love you.” Later her says that his strategy with Diem is to flirt with other girls, knowing that she’s the type of person who only wants what she can’t have. The way he talks about their relationship is more like a reality game show than a real world relationship.


But more interesting is her relationship with her rival, Aneesa. She’s rude, condescending, and not a team player when it comes to the challenges. Many of the other girls also haven’t had the best things to say about her. I have a feeling that they don’t show the bulk of her worst behavior in order to fit her into this star crossed romance with CT. Let’s face it: it’s not a romance of two nice people.

Meanwhile, the other annoying person this season, Frank, continues his quest to be the least self-aware and most delusional challenger of all time. As a close friend to Jonna, he promises to have her back. This is obvious foreshadowing to the moment when he backstabs her. He votes her into the jungle, as the deciding vote. My favorite part was when he cried to Diem that he has a reputation as a backstabber, when he has never betrayed anybody, only a few hours after sending his close friend to her doom.

(Another amazing delusional Frank moment: He complains about these “new kids” trying to take over the game, when talking about Jemmeye and Knight. Both of them have been on more challenges than Frank. I’ve decided to enjoy his delusion instead of being annoyed by it.)

If Frank and Diem weren’t enough unlikeable characters for you, Johnny and Camilla were ready to step it up in crazy. Johnny is not an interesting character by himself. Even when he antagonizes somebody, he does it in the blandest way possible. His claim to fame is usually the loud, crazy characters he surrounds himself with. Camilla may be his craziest creation.

It isn’t truly a season of The Challenge if Camilla doesn’t have an insane tantrum that includes death threats, hurling herself towards Johnny, and the need to be physically restrained. Emily needed to literally sit on her to stop her from lunging at Johnny, as Camilla screams that she always has his back.

(I loved CT hiding behind Johnny when she was going crazy. He knows not to mess with Camilla. She is capable of a rage blackout that would lead to murder.)

On the flip side, there are teams worth rooting for. Characters like Frank and Knight have made Wes look like a normal, humorous human being. Being partnered with fan favorite, CT, only makes him even more likeable. I particularly loved CT and Wes wearing red in support of Cara Maria and Cooke, especially since Wes has a negative history with CM from the first Rivals. CT also yelled support for Cooke when they were competing in The Jungle.

On the girl’s side, Cooke and CM are underdogs, which makes rooting for them only too easy. Everybody continues to use them, CM in particular, as scapegoats, but despite that they’re still one of the stronger teams. In the challenge, they were the only team who could get to the second trapeze out of both genders. Too bad CM is a weak swimmer. I can definitely see this team rock in the finals.

Other Musings:

  • Usually I love TJ’s comments, but it was completely unnecessary to say anything about Camilla’s fight. She’s clearly unstable. No need to call her out publically.
  • Jordan’s back flip off the trapeze was fun. He and Marlon are strong competitors, worth rooting for too. However, Marlon quitting the challenge was distasteful.
  • Franks asks CT if he needs a cigarette while swimming. But CT still beats him.
  • Diem is condescending to Aneesa when they’re swimming. Definitely not the time, Diem.
  • “See you back in America,” Knight calls out as Preston drifts away due to the strong current.
  • Wes and CT win. The lifeguards, Camilla and Jemmeye also win.
  • I loved the cute moment when Diem and CM dressed up as witches to scare Preston. We need more moments like this.
  • CM says nice things about her opponents, despite the fact that they’re clearly the weakest team. Classy.
  • Paula yet again expresses how much she wants CM out. Remember when Paula harasses CM in the first Rivals for no reason and Laurel made her cry like a baby? Good times.
  • Next week is the promised CT and Johnny fight. Can’t wait for the return of Johnny Backpack. 

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