'American Idol' Recap: Group Night, Solo Night And Three Rooms All In One

February 16th, 2012 9:28am EST

American Idol It was an ‘Idol’ overload as the show crammed three mainstays into one mammoth episode.We got basically the full run of Hollywood week. The group round, the individual performances, and the “three rooms” format were all on display after last week’s first-half nonsense of no singing.

So how did it feel? A bit overblown. I’m not sure why they decided to cram all this together like this when it would have been so easy to just give us the normal full group show last week and then split it into the individual show this week, but here we are.

And while we’re here, let’s doll out our first-ever Group Round/Individual Round/Three Rooms Awards:

Worst Group

The Make You Believers

This is the group that contained the girl who lived in the tent and about 45 different flu victims. They began their performance by everyone forgetting the words and finished it with a lot of dissonant screaming. They were supposedly singing “More Than a Feeling”, but I couldn’t really make it out.

Best Group

Hollywood Five

This was the group that “Mercy” by Duffy and flashed a full soul sound with great harmonies and actual cohesive singing. It pains me to say, but Mr. Steal Your Girl was in this group and was the stand out. Am I actually going to have to start liking this kid?

Worse Than The Audience Award

Goes to “6 7 9” whose pack of shouting stage moms actually sounded better than them at times. Amazingly, the majority of the group managed to stay despite caterwauling their way through their number. Only Kyle went home, who complained that his desecration “was not in the right key for him” which earns him the Most Useless Excuse Award

Prescient Award

Also goes to the stage moms of 6 7 9. Particularly the one who the episode before said they were, “leading off with the worst voice,” in reference to Kyle. Turns out he was the only one who went. Did I just see J-Lo’s replacement?

Most Evacuated Award

Goes to Cherie, who responded to her being ousted by puking and blowing her nose at the same time. On camera. At least her sinuses are clear.

Quitters Never Prosper Award

Goes to Jasmine Antoine who forgot half a lyric to “Son of a Preacher Man” and then just waved her hand and walked off stage without anything else. Thanks for playing.

Most Disorganized Group

Goes to Those Girls and That Guy who wandered around stage like they were all drunk while Alisha (the cop) sort of strutted around upstaging everyone like the ham she is. They all got voted out. At least Alisha tried to stay by offering herself as personal security.

Cliffhanger Award

Goes to Imani, who continued this season’s trend of passing out contestants by passing out twice before performing. The whole song we were all hanging on wondering if she would make it a third and after some poor singing, she did indeed go down, sending everyone into a frenzy. It was all worth it though, because she moved on. Wait. No she didn’t. None of it was worth it.

How Are These Guys Award

Goes to the All Male Group MIT for acting like 14-year-old girls fighting over the kid in class with the faux hawk that everyone has a crush on. I’m not sure what caused their rift, but it was pretty fun watching their cat fight.

Delusion of Grandeur Award

Goes to Cowboy Richie who referenced something that happened in the round of 200 on a karaoke competition by saying, “That’s Showbiz.” No, Richie. You are not in showbiz yet. I’m sorry to burst your bubble.

Biggest Liar Award

Goes to Ryan Seacrest for telling us that the contestants would receive no judgment on their individual performances. Then every single contestant was judged immediately, including standing ovations, and “That just wasn’t good enough”s. Were they really unclear on whether or not they were staying?

Sexiest Voice Award

Goes to Jen Hirsch, whose sultry pipes put Jessica Rabbit to shame. This is the scene in the movie when the camera just fixates on a guy with a cigarette hanging out of his dropped jaw as the siren onstage just tears his soul out as the shadows close in. Very cool vintage stuff.

Dock Ellis Award

Goes to Reid for clearly doing his performance and rehearsal on acid. I don’t how else to explain anything about him. Oddly enough, he was a very good singer with a cool jazz voice. Hey, Dock did throw a no-hitter on acid.

Most Unecessary Argument Award

Goes to the girl who yelled at the other girl for belching while they were awaiting their fates in one of the four rooms. “Show a little respect for some of us who are worried!” This is a prime example of somebody deciding that they want to be angry with someone and following through. Luckily, they all went home.

Molly Dewolf Swenson Award

Goes to Heejun Han, who is my clear favorite contestant right now. It’s odd to meet someone more self-deprecating than me. It’s also odd to see that person become intensely hostile and cynical for seemingly no reason whatsoever. I can’t wait to see what he has during the Vegas round.

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