'The X Factor' Recap: Breaking Down The Young Adults And The Groups

October 11th, 2012 9:33am EDT | Andrew Payne By: Andrew Payne

Contestant Willie Jones performs in front of Demi Lovato and guest mentor Nick Jonas

Even before I begin, this feels like a recap unfinished.

In a strange move, Fox decided to split the judges houses over two nights. Yes, this may have been because of this tiny little thing called the Presidential debates, and they’re clearly trying to cram all the pre-Live Show eliminations in before the ALCS and World Series make things messy, but I can’t help but think we’d have been much better off with one fewer episode of “Glee” than we are with this weird spacing problem. Especially when 45 minutes of last night’s installment saw the quickest elimination show ever where the judges simply read the contestants’ names.


Still, it’s recap time and even if this may seem half-finished, let’s half-cap the groups and the odd 17-25 categories in the first half of the judges’ homes round:



I’m not sure why the queen of vanilla made it this far. Her voice is unremarkable. Her look is unremarkable. Her…everything is unremarkable. And, believe it or not, her performance for the judges is unremarkable. She flashes a bit of a cool falsetto on “I Kissed a Girl”, but, for the most part, it’s just a karaoke performance from somebody with a  good enough voice to make you look up from your beer, but then look right back down when you realize her voice isn’t going to give you anything beyond that first note.

Willie Jones

After forgetting his lyrics and being generally bad all through boot camp, I was amazed to see everybody’s favorite Kid-N-Play/Garth Brooks move on to the judges’s homes. Even more amazing was that he went for redemption on “Nobody Knows It” for his one shot in front of Ms. Lovato after butchering it during the little battle round. Most amazing of all, though, was that he absolutely slayed the song. He dropped a stick of vocal dynamite that showed an R & B upper register that we hadn’t seen yet. Suddenly the likable kid seems he’s got the chops too.