Not Many Divas On 'The X Factor's' Diva Night

November 15th, 2012 10:02am EST

Jennel Garcia performs live on THE X FACTOR In honor of the theme of the evening, I’m going to pull a diva move and skip the intro.

Let’s just get to the performances:

Jennel Garcia Sang “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

LA Reid Said: You started this thing out with a bang. That smoked.

Britney Said: Tina would be proud. You nailed it.

Demi Said: People will be voting a lot higher for you than last week.

Simon Said: You are back in the race.

The Verdict:

This performance perfectly underscores the fact that we are dealing with amateurs rather than pros in the competition. It was a prime example of somebody with no experience trying to act like a diva but failing to get anywhere close to that level.

Be it the singing or the performance itself, Jennel was unable to do anything diva-tastic at all in this performance. On the softer portions, she sounded like a skater punk trying to sing soul. In the bigger R&B moments she was just screaming. She took the stage with all the poise and grace of somebody running from a stray dog.

Underachieving every step of the way.

Grade: D

Prediction: It’s tough getting out of the first spot, but I think the judges gave her enough of a boost to go on.

Tate Stevens Sang “From This Moment On” by Celine Dion

LA Reid Said: Those are big words, Simon. I like that.

Britney Said: Your performance was so heartfelt and your vocals were amazing.

Demi Said: You were very good.

Simon Said: That was better than last week. I would be happy to write you the $5 Million check.

The Verdict:

As soon as “Diva Night” was announced, morbid curiosity definitely made Tate everybody’s must-see of the evening. How exactly was this country boy going to tackle something normally associated with soul and pop?

The results were disappointing in that they weren’t very good but they weren’t the vocal car crash we all thought it might have been either. Just a pleasant vocal with a few iffy spots and the appropriate amount of looking out-of-place.

I was expecting more one way or the other. Instead this was just kind of nothing.

Grade: C

Prediction: He’s got the country vote locked down and that will make him a cinch to stick around at the very least.

Diamond White Sang “Halo” by Beyonce

LA Reid Said: Those were big shoes to fill and you filled them.

Britney Said: You just keep getting better and it amazes me every time.

Demi Said: This week is kind of perfect for you because you are a total diva.

Simon Said: Don’t walk and sing at the same time, but I think we’re looking at a future star.

The Verdict:

Rough. Just rough the whole way. She started out struggling to muster any sort of a voice and spent the rest of the song struggling to hit any right notes. It was like she was fighting herself the entire time from a vocal standpoint. A lot of strain and a lot of bad notes.

I will say, that she looked pretty cool in front of that sunburst on the video screen. That’s about the only positive I can take from that.

Grade: D-

Prediction: That’s the kind of performance that gets lost. She could be in a bit of trouble.

Beatrice Miller Sang “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

LA Reid Said: You are so cute, but that song didn’t allow you to peak.

Britney Said: Simon, she has more talent in her pinky than you do with all your contestants together.

Demi Said: You sound so soulful and your tone is incredible.

Simon Said: It was better than last week, I like you in the lower register, but the song was boring.

The Verdict:

I dig Beatrice’s semi-cool rasp. It definitely adds a tone of authenticity to her voice.

That’s about all I dig though. This performance was so incredibly dull. Like she was trying to hypnotize us to sleep with the sands of her hourglass and the lazy way in which she sang.

She did have a YOLO patch on her hat. Not exactly seizing the moment with this performance.

Grade: D

Prediction: Another one that could be easily lost and forgotten. I think she’s in big danger too.

Lyric 145 Sang “ET” by Katy Perry mashed up with “We Will Rock You” by Queen

LA Reid Said: I think you guys have lost your way. This could be the last time we see you.

Britney Said: I feel like they’re a hip hop group and they should do hip hop tracks.

Demi Said: I don’t feel like ‘ET’ fit at all. I don’t get it.

Simon Said: You bring an energy this show needs.

The Verdict:

After last week’s clown show, this off-beat song choice really worked for them. The mash-up was inspired and the spin they put on it made a lot of sense.

They didn’t rely on a lot of gimmickry and weirdness to make this work. Instead, it was just a straight fun hip hop showcase where Lyric looked like the star and the other guys perfectly formed her backing act.

These are the first act to really look like pros.

Grade: B

Prediction: The first group to get trashed. They’re in definite danger.

Arin Ray Sang “Crazy For You” by Madonna

LA Reid Said: I’m struggling with that, but I want goosebumps. I didn’t get a $5 Million performance.

Britney Said: I felt that you nailed it.

Demi Said: I was honestly really bored watching it. I think you lack soul.

Simon Said: It looked like you hated it. You taking on that song is like asking a cat to eat a tiger.

The Verdict:

Arin is really turning into a star as this competition goes on. He takes the stage like he was born there and knows how to sell a song and make it his own.

The age thing is starting to become a factor though. He’s just not mature enough yet. He still makes a lot of vocal mistakes and loses his poise at times. This was a wobbly example like that as moments he looked and sounded like he was ready to roll over everybody else and other times he just seemed to have completely forgotten how to sing.

If he was on this show three years from now it would be insane. Of course, he might have not needed this show three years from now. As for now, it just wasn’t quite there.

Grade: C+

Prediction: Wow. He got obliterated by the judges a week after finishing really low in the rankings. He could be gone this week.

Paige Thomas Sang “Last Dance” by Donna Summer

LA Reid Said: That was your best yet.

Britney Said: It was like a disco ball exploded on stage.

Demi Said: With your performance, you took my mind off of everything going on around you.

Simon Said: You didn’t need everything else on stage. You needed to be in the spotlight.

The Verdict:

I don’t know what’s happened to Paige Thomas. The girl who was getting blown off the stage by Leopard Face and failing to live up to whatever hype was being created around her every step of the way is suddenly looking somebody ready to dominate the competition with star power to spare.

I just wish her voice could match her look, poise and stage presence. She’s giving us the show of somebody with a killer voice, but never quite killing the vocal – just giving us something good enough to ignore for the rest of package.

Grade: B-

Prediction: That was good, solid and ready to move on.

Fifth Harmony Sang “Hero” by Mariah Carey

LA Reid Said: You picked a tough song, struggled in the beginning, but it turned into a really great performance.

Britney Said: I was extremely impressed.

Demi Said: You guys did an incredible job on the song.

Simon Said: Maybe there’s a chance that five girls with brilliant voices could win the show.

The Verdict:

This is a weird song choice to give to a group and a weird way to arrange it. The harmonies were non-present. Not even attempted, just five girls singing the song as a solo act at the same time and then trading off some solos in the interim.

Altogether, it was just kind of boring. Like watching Christmas Carolers sing pop songs. Complete with paper snow. It left me cold.

Grade: C-

Prediction: Boring for me, but the judges did enough to make sure they aren’t forgotten by voters.

Carly Rose Sang “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

LA Reid Said: We could be looking at the winner.

Britney Said: I have chills all over my body. You’re spectacular.

Demi Said: I don’t believe that’s your voice.

Simon Said: You’re 13? I don’t believe that you’re a human being.

The Verdict:

Carly takes on the big one and manages to avoid any icebergs for the most part. There were some rough seas here and there as she let her voice fall flat a few times, but when the time came to belt, she showed some pipes I didn’t know she had.

Yes, she still looked plenty creepy reaching for those notes, but if you close your eyes, you might not think that voice was coming from such a tiny little sprite.

Grade: B

Prediction: Easiest safe pick so far tonight.

Vino Alan Sang “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

LA Reid Said: You have a classic sounding voice.

Britney Said: It just doesn’t make sense that that voice is coming out of your body, but it works.

Demi Said: You sounded amazing, but I thought it was boring.

Simon Said: Your voice is designed for a moment, but that song wasn’t that song. You need bigger kinds of songs.

The Verdict:

I’ve never thought of the Reverend Al Green as a diva, but I guess here we are.

I have, however, always thought of Vino Alan as a soul singer and tonight he finally got a straight a soul song without any of that weird Nickleback stuff LA has been trying to force on him to hold him back.

Vino took the opportunity and absolutely made the most of it, showing that cool raw soul passion that normally manifests itself in rage, as a buttery bit of goodness here, making the song and the performance really work.

Grade: B+

Prediction: The unlikable Leopard Face just met her doom, I fear.

Emblem3 Sang “No One” by Alicia Keys

LA Reid Said: You guys have the perfect vocal blend. It was the perfect song. You’re complete superstars in my opinion.

Britney Said: I totally get why the girls are swooned by you.

Demi Said: You’ve definitely shown an improvement.

Simon Said: On the back of that performance, we’re going to see you right at the top.

The Verdict:

I really have no need to review this trio anymore. They’re putting on great fun boy band pop every week, with songs expertly chosen and impeccably arranged by their mentor. This show is starting to feel like a launching pad for them, and those screams are undeniable.

Grade: B

Prediction: So so so so so so safe.

Leopard Face Sang “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen

LA Reid Said: You sang the song really well. It’s an improvement. I don’t like your dress.

Britney Said: Sorry. I just don’t get it.

Demi Said: I think tonight you nailed it.

Simon Said: The song was called “All By Myself” and I think you would’ve been better off singing it without anyone else in the room.

The Verdict:

Whither Leopard Face?

I just don’t know what’s happened to her. She was absolutely destroying vocals in the audition rounds and here she’s completely pitchy, shouty, screechy, sharp and altogether terrible on her vocal.

It’s a shame, because this was exactly what I wanted to see her do: Get a chance to belt. She finally got that diva torch song and just went up in flames with a mess of a vocal.

She still looks amazing even when she’s being turned into a living glamour shot, but her voice is just nowhere near what I thought it was.

Grade: D

Prediction: They gave her the pimp spot, so it’s clear the producers want to keep her. I don’t think they’ll get their wish.


Final Thoughts:

A decidedly un-diva-tastic evening as nobody really stood out. Vino was good, Tate was okay, Paige stepped up and Emblem3 stayed in their lane. That was about it. Nobody seized the theme of the night and really distinguished themselves from the other singers the way a real diva would.

With so many falling into the backup singer category, it would make sense that last night was a hard one to single out performances that are going home, but then America’s anti-Sweetheart Leopard Face collapsed in the pimp spot and gave everyone a reason to vote against her.

She’ll be singing against either Beatrice or Arin Ray tomorrow night, but it won’t really matter – this was her last show.

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