'American Idol' Recap: Final Cut For The Boys In Hollywood

February 8th, 2013 8:45am EST | Andrew Payne By: Andrew Payne

 AMERICAN IDOL: Hollywood Round: Paul Jolley performs

After torpedoing group week, the producers had more changes in store for the final solo elimination for the boys. This time the results weren’t quite as decimating.

Normally, this would be a night for the elevator of death. Or the hallway of fire. Or the walk into the weird water room in Vegas. However it was done, this was the most drama the show could ratchet before Seacrest delights in telling people their fates on live television.

Last night, the cuts were much swifter and decisive. A group of eight sings individually and then immediately gets either the good or bad news. It made for a much more efficient program, but I don’t know that it made it dramatic at all.

With 40 left on each side, there’s still a chance for more drama down the road, but right now, the show has been putting a lot of that aside in favor of the singing.

Speaking of, let’s breakdown who performed last night.

Paul Jolley

This was the annoyingly nervous guy who led off the show in a white vest on top of an all-white ensemble that can only really be described as hipster Mormon garb. After remarking to the judges for about 87 seconds about how nervous he was, he flashed a big stadium rock voice that seemed like it could front a band in just about any era. Then Nicki justifiably ripped him apart for his little “I’m Nervous” tirade, sending him to a crying tailspin backstage. He deserved it for that, but not for his performance which was finals-worthy.

My Result: Safe

The Judges’ Result: Safe

Lazaro Arbos

Flashing a weird Don Johnson in ‘Miami Vice’ garb, this is everybody’s favorite Cuban-born stutterer. He sang ‘Edge of Glory’ with all the verve and quality of half-decent karaoke being sung on a party being held on a houseboat. Nothing really to like and without his story he’s just shoing he’s a half-decent singer at best.

My Result: Gone

The Judges’ Result: Safe

Curtis Finch, Jr.

The mega man-diva in the white smoking jacket absolutely seared ‘Jar of Hearts’ in a way that I had to look it up because I sincerely thought he was covering a Luther Vandross song and didn’t recognize the lyrics. The arrangement was that strong and his performance that soulful. He’s definitely justifying his own hype.