Shining and Falling Stars: One Direction and Elmo

November 18th, 2012 8:00pm EST

One Direction Shining Stars- One Direction

“Ohhh oh ohh you don’t know your beautiful….“ the catchy line plays on the radio several times a day—but this Boy Band of 5 has proved that it’s beats are way more than just a catchy radio tune. This past week on the band performed on The Today Show and drew in the largest audience that the show has EVER had for a live performance! A whopping 15,000 fans in attendance! That’s a pretty impressive accomplishment, especially considering how many different artists have performed on the show! If the crowd at their Today Show performance is any indication as to the success of their album Take Me Home, looks like the songs on this album will leave their mark on the charts!

Falling Star- Elmo

He won our hearts for years on the beloved “Sesame Street”, and even in stuffed animal form- with his cute laugh and giggly voice, “it’s me, Elmo!” But after recent controversy with Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, “tickle me elmo” may not seem as cute an innocent as once perceived. The puppeteer made headlines over the past week, over an accusation that he had an affair with a young man of only 16 years old. Kevin Clash, who has been the voice of the furry red giggly monster for 28 years, took a temporary leave of absence once the media caught wind of this Elmo scandal. The young man who is now 23, came forth alleging he had a sexual relationship with Clash when he was 16. The voice of Elmo claimed it was a consensual relationship, and was saddened that the young man had said otherwise. The accuser ended up recanting, took his claim back, and admitted that it was a consensual relationship as well. Now even though Kevin Clash may be in the clear, Elmo’s reputation is tainted. After nearly 3 decades; a character loved by young children is now unfortunately, associated with scandal.

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