2012 Summer Blockbusters - The Winners & The Losers

September 8th, 2012 3:00pm EDT

The Avengers Sometimes the task of getting people to flock to the movie theatres during the summer months can be tricky, as some would rather soak up the rays from the sun instead of those coming from the projector. But if the soothing sensation of a cool, dark room isn't enough to attract the audience, what is? Here's a recap of this summer's hits and misses at the box office.

The season kicked off big time with "The Avengers," which brought in a record $207.4 million during its first weekend. Performances by stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson brought life to Iron Man, Captain America and the Black Widow respectively, in this comic book-to-screen adaptation. Sparked by super hero powers, it seemed like summer would bring in a promising amount of dollars.

Fans were lining up by the numbers to see "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider Man," both of which grossed well above the $200 million mark.

Not basking in the glory of succesful endeavors, on the other hand, was Peter Berg's sci-fi mess "Battleship." Not even Rihanna or model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker could prevent movie-goers from abandoning this sinking ship. The movie cost over $300 million to produce, yet only managed to bring in about $65 million in revenue. Fail!

Also flopping was yet another Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration: "Dark Shadows," as well as action-packed "Total Recall", starring Colin Farrell. Perhaps it's time for Johnny to look elsewhere for work, other than always returning to Burton's twisted universe? As for Colin, it shows that his good looks (and talent) are not enough to draw the coveted 18-25 female demographic.

What did attract chicks to the theatres, however, was the magic of Channing Tatum's abs in the male stripper-themed "Magic Mike." A movie that only cost around $7 million to produce brought in well over $110 millions in revenue. Steven Soderbergh is laughing all the way to the bank after this hit.

Another winner was Seth MacFarlane's "Ted", a comedy about a teddy bear coming to life. Don't be fooled by the theme, though - this flick is everything but family friendly. Mark Wahlberg starred opposite an extremely crude and inappropriate stuffed animal in this R-rated picture.

The summer season ended with a scream as a horror movie entered number one during Labor Day Weekend. "The Possession" earned a whopping $21.3 million after its premiere. There's no reason to be frightened as this demonic movie is sure to be possessing a continuous stream of viewers well into fall.

Which movies won YOU over this summer?

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