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Becky Broderick is a freelance writer whose childhood dream was to grow up to be Olivia Newton-John. Although that didn't work out, she is still an awesome roller skater who knows all the words to every song on the 'Xanadu' soundtrack. The former New Yorker and native/current Pittsburgher is also a regular contributor and author of The Pop Eye, a blog which serves as a repository for much of her useless knowledge.

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Gets Quarantined

10/17/2013 2:18pm EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
If "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award" was the Sunny creators' way of putting the Television Academy on notice, "The Gang Gets Quarantined" is an exercise in providing some excellent material for Glenn Howerton's Emmy nomination reel. As a whole, it's not one of the best episodes in recent memory, but thanks to Howerton's performance and some really funny moments, it manages to stay just above average.

One of those funny moments is the cold open, which finds the original gang doin' a little East Coast swing. It's been a while since we've seen them harmonizing their hearts out (my...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' 100th Episode Recap: The Gang Saves The Day

10/10/2013 11:34am EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This week's episode was Sunny's 100th, and perhaps in celebration of that, the gang offered us a protracted peek into each of their warped minds. When I realized that this was just going to be a collection of fantasy sequences, I groaned in anticipation of 22 wasted minutes of screen time that many long-running sitcoms phone in once in a while (e.g., "it was all a dream" episodes, "what if" scenarios, the dreaded clip shows). But I should have known better. In the hands of skilled writers, these types of hackneyed plot devices can actually work and seem fresh. And while "The Gang Saves the ...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: Mac Day

10/3/2013 3:14pm EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Yesterday was no ordinary day in Philadelphia — it was Mac Day. Mac Day, as we discovered, was just one of the five days that the gang created for each member to make everyone else do whatever the days' honoree wants. At first blush, it seems like a strangely generous setup for such a selfish group of people. But as Mac Day rolls along, it becomes apparent that each member of the gang is simply going through the motions until it's their day, all while filing away the events of their friends' days to use as fuel for future mockery.   

Being the religious one of the group, Mac patterns the s...

'Project Runway' 12 Recap: Project Runway SuperFan!

9/20/2013 3:31pm EDT
Project Runway
There are three things that strike fear into the hearts of "Project Runway" designers: Heidi's button bag of doom, group challenges and designing for normal women with normal bodies. And the latter is exactly what they had to do for the L'Oreal Paris challenge, which featured eight of the show's superfans getting total style makeovers.  

Designer Helen Castillo (right) talks with superfan Jamie about her impending makeover.

The designers were all excited to work with "real people," except Ken, because he couldn't go a week without complaining about something. To his credit though, once he...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award

9/19/2013 9:04am EDT
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Tries Desperately to W
After accumulating nine seasons of hilarity and a devoted fanbase, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” finally decided to come right out (sort of) and ask the question we've all been pondering for nearly a decade: why the hell has this show never won (or even been nominated for) a major award? Not that the writers, cast or viewers really care about awards, right? Awards are stupid, right? Yes. But still. You've gotta think that someone like Glenn Howerton, who's just been killing it for the past few seasons, must go a little mad once in a while thinking about Jon Cryer snuggling up to his E...

'Project Runway' 12 Recap: Let's Do Brunch

9/13/2013 2:43pm EDT
Project Runway
Last night on "Project Runway," the designers had to create a look for the "modern, Southern woman," which somehow resulted in a plaidsplosion. It seemed that most of the designers have a very dated and stereotypical view of Southern gal style, but at least no one ripped down the curtains to construct a crazy hoop dress.

Since Belk (sponsor of the not-always-thoughtfully used accessory wall) is a Southern department store, this challenge was just an excuse for more product placement. However, there was a sweet reward for the winning designer: they get to have their garment produced and s...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap -- Gun Fever Too: Still Hot

9/12/2013 10:42am EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Last night on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the gang addressed the hot-button issue of gun control in the same fashion that the rest of the world does: they formed two opposing sides who yelled at each other about how stupid and wrong they are.

Frank set everything in motion with his appearance on "Good Morning Philadelphia" (hoagie in hand), where he described his recent experience being held up by gun-toting thugs. Crediting his survival to his two pieces that are on him at all times, he urged everyone to get down to Gunther's Guns to arm themselves. This whipped the rest of the g...

'Project Runway' 12 Recap: Million Dollar Runway

7/29/2013 8:52am EDT
Project Runway
The second episode of "Project Runway" Season 12 began with an armored truck pulling up outside Parsons. Armed guards made their way to the runway, but none of the designers looked scared until Heidi Klum showed up with the button bag of doom.

Much to everyone's relief, however, this wasn't a team challenge—the bag was only to help the designers all pick new models. And the armed guards weren't there to arrest anyone for crimes against fashion—they were just there watching over the $30M+ worth of precious gems being worn by the models. Heidi explained that this week's challenge was to crea...

'Project Runway' Season 12 Premiere Recap

7/22/2013 11:43am EDT
Project Runway
Season 12 of "Project Runway" kicked off on Thursday, and I have to say it's already better than Season 11 (aka The Boring Season I Totally Bailed on Recapping Until the End). For one thing, the designers aren't being forced to work exclusively in teams — a format instituted last season that I hated from the get-go. Another welcome change is Tim Gunn's presence at the runway shows. Although he won't actually be able to judge since he's the group's mentor, he will get the power to use one American Idol-esque "save" on an eliminated contestant. He also will be bringing the models down to the ...

Where Are They Now: Apollonia AKA Prince's 'Purple Rain' Co-Star

6/10/2013 10:57am EDT
Apollonia and Prince in
California girl Patricia Apollonia Kotero grew up to become singer/actress Apollonia, best known as Prince's love interest in "Purple Rain."

The former beauty queen and L.A. Rams cheerleader's acting career began with bit parts in popular '80s shows like "Fantasy Island" and "Knight Rider." She also played the vixen in Eddie Money's "Shakin'" video, before auditioning for and landing the role of a lifetime as Prince's aptly-named girlfriend Apollonia in "Purple Rain."

Not long before "Purple Rain" started filming, Prince's girlfriend/protégée/intended co-star, Vanity (née Denise Mat...

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