Deca 'The Ocean' Review: A Household Name He's Not, But Deca Has Plenty To Offer

September 26th, 2013 8:20pm EDT | Brent Faulkner By: Brent Faulkner
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Deca is certainly no household name – that is a fact.  Regardless, the Denver, Colorado born MC definitely has skills. While he hasn’t ascended to commercial relevance as of yet, Deca has invested his services in the game, both collaboratively and as a soloist.  After three solo albums (Top of the Line Bottom Feeder, The Hedonist, and The Veil), Deca returns triumphantly with 2013 effort The OceanThe Ocean is an incredibly smart album, truly highlighting Deca’s cerebral nature as an MC.  His own reasoning for the title is higher level thinking: “The ocean is one of the most familiar symbols of the unconscious mind.” Impressively produced with soulful backdrops inciting Deca, the often dusty beats match the prudence of which the rappers spits in his rhymes.

Night’s Preparation” serves as the first of several interludes, all of which are unscripted. It precedes the fine “Gabriel Ratchet”, which finds Deca’s flow easygoing, matching chill, soulful production. Follow-up “Salome” is even more alluring, characterized by it’s lushness and perhaps most notably, the reference to the biblical figure.  “I saw the light that day / like we don’t ever have to live our life that way / Salome lead me down the the right pathway / take my head, watch the light cascade…” If you’re unfamiliar with Salome, you should do some research…really, whether you’re a believer or non-believer. :-/