Charts: Big Sean's Troubling Free Fall

October 2nd, 2013 7:30pm EDT | Brent Faulkner By: Brent Faulkner
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Albums don’t sell like they once did.  This is no generalization, but also a well supported fact.  But even in a recession of album sales, a ‘bomb’ is still very much a bomb.  My homie Big Sean has been hit with the dreaded ‘sophomore effect’ in a gargantuan way.  His ironically titled album Hall of Fame is actually an overall well conceived album, but its quality has done nothing for its lackadaisical sales.  Ultimately, Sean is free-falling down the chart.  At the rate that Sean has went from a respectable peak of no. 3 all the way to no. 75 in only his fourth charting week,  Sean appears to be entering the ‘hall of shame’.