Bieber Strikes Gold On Surprising 'PYD'

November 19th, 2013 12:08pm EST | Brent Faulkner By: Brent Faulkner
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Yep, I can’t believe the title myself.  Have I lost my mind? Nope, just read on…

Well, Justin Bieber’s thrilling Music Mondays grows its most enthralling with an acronym… “PYD”.  What does this “PYD” mean exactly? It means “Put you down.”  As Usher would sing, “OMG.” Bieber definitely is not restricting himself to bubblegum savvy pop like “One Time” or  “Baby” anymore. Basically, Justin Bieber is going to “do it right” to his boo meaning that three-letter word that Bieber has eschewed but you know is on his mind (and every other red-blooded kid/man his age).  Is there anything wrong with it? While it should be worthy of scrutiny what he wants to “do”, it goes with the territory of being young and natural lustful.  Lust may be a sin, but who hasn’t committed it? Don’t lie now.