Review: Kid Ink, My Own Lane

January 10th, 2014 8:20pm EST | Brent Faulkner By: Brent Faulkner
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Kid Ink

The Kid’s Got Potential… The breakthrough rapper of January 2013 was A$AP Rocky, who riskily released his first notable album, Long. Live. A$AP during the dead of January.  The move boded well for A$AP, who easily debuted atop the Billboard 200 Chart. The release of Kid Ink’s second album (first for a major label), My Own Lane, is even riskier, dropping the first week of January. That said, single “Show Me” is rising on the charts, and buzz single “Bad A**” definitely didn’t disappoint. The question is, is a rising single enough to set up Kid Ink for greater success? Only time and sales will tell. As an album, My Own Lane has plenty of bright spots, but isn’t without its missteps either.  Ultimately, the good outweighs the bad.

Hello World” is a fitting opener, sporting top-notch production, a jubilant sound, and confident rhymes from the ‘Kid’.  Ink asserts his certified status throughout, doing it most aggressively on the first verse: “Echelon keep elevating, bunch of b*****s, hella haters / add them up while I just keep it 100, exclamated…” At least K.I. has the swagger to deliver, regardless of the cockiness.  “The Movement” finds him truly flexing, supported by a sound sampling of Earth, Wind & Fire classic, “Let Your Feelings Show.”  Ink conveys his feelings, delivering inspired rhymes atop brassy horns and golden strings. “See, I know you can feel the movement,” he boasts on the third verse. “Pull up, truck big as a mover, ain’t nowhere to park / backyard big as an amusement park / come through lookin’ like the millionaire march / My bad, I just had to brag one time…” Only once – sheesh! “The Movement” is moving though – in an indulgent sort of way.