Room 205 Presents: I Break Horses - "Hearts"

11/7/2012 10:07pm EST | Get eXposed Music By: Brian Campbell

In their second installment of Room 205, Sweden's I Break Horses conjure an ebullient sea of shimmering synths and insistent beats in this exceptionally intimate live performance of "Hearts." Inspired by the stark intimacy and rising euphoria of the song, set designer Tamarra Younis turned Room 205 into a soft cocoon of billowing muslin gauze. Thereafter, director Forrest Borie shot the entire performance through dozens of tiny glory holes cut into the fabric. But why? Well, as directors go, Borie's a bit of a peeping tom. He wanted to capture I Break Horses doing what they do best-getting lost in the moment. The resulting video offers a beautiful, glowing snapshot of the band in all its blissed out glory.

About I Break Horses

Residing in Stockholm, Sweden, I Break Horses quietly crafted their 2011 debut album Hearts via stolen moments gathered up over a span of three years. Although heavily (and openly) influenced by MBV, Slowdive and Jesus & Mary Chain, I Break Horses is far from an exercise in typical shoegaze fare. Coupled with Lindén's vocals, a gorgeous Scandinavian croon bathed in layers of oceanic reverb and tremelo, and God only knows how many synths, drum pads and ornately effected guitar chords, I Break Horses offers a unique sonic experience unlike anything else you'll soon hear.

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