Q&A: 'Suits' Star Gabriel Macht Previews Season 2

June 15th, 2012 9:00am EDT

Suits Can't get enough after last night's Suits season premiere? Star Gabriel Macht recently talked with me and let me in on a few things we can look forward to during the show's sophomore run.

When I last spoke with Gabriel before the end of season one, one of the things we discussed was his return to television after being primarily a film actor; his previous TV leading role was The Others way back in 2000. Now that he's got season one of Suits behind him, he said it's gotten easier.

"I think like any character, the more you play him and the more you learn about him the deeper you can get into the nuts and bolts of the character," he explained. "For me, being in film for most of my career, you only have three months to educate yourself about who this guy is and make the choices that you can. It's been a real great challenge in television; every week a little bit more information comes out about your backstory and who you are, how he lives his life and or what has happened in his life to make him who he is and how he navigates through it in the present. I really enjoyed that experience [in season one]. I think it's become easy to put on my suit every day. I think I've got that down."

Speaking of his past TV experience, "One of the the new writers on the writing staff for Suits was a writer on The Others," he added. "It was great to be working together again."

How is Harvey going to continue to grow in season two? "I think in many ways last season you saw Harvey standing up for the people he believes in behind their back," he said. "In this season he reveals a little bit more of himself and he stands up for them in front of them."

There are going to be wrenches thrown in a few of his relationships this season, including with his loyal assistant Donna (Sarah Rafferty). "Harvey trusts her to no end, he thinks she's amazing, he loves how strong she is, he loves how quick-witted and hilarious she is," Macht explained. "He does learn in a few episodes that she was sort of involved in something that kind of gets Harvey into big trouble and they come to knocking heads. There's a lot of conflict between Harvey and Donna this season and I really hope that they're able to figure out how to manage their decision making, what they keep private or not, and how to move forward."

Harvey's relationship with Jessica (Gina Torres, above center with Macht and David Costabile) is also a little different following their confrontation in the season premiere. "She holds onto it for a little while," Macht said. "There's no doubt she's disappointed in Harvey and there's some trust issues. They butt heads in the first few episodes. I think Harvey's charm and allegiance ultimately wins, but there's definitely a change in the way that they deal with each other and how they are going to get out of this mess."

"I think in many ways their relationship is a reflection of Harvey and Mike's (Patrick J. Adams) relationship," he added. "I think she saw that Harvey had some great qualities as far as being a determined young man who was also a bit of a scrapper, and was able to talk his way out of situations, and was just efficient in his dealings, a bright young kid. He didn't have all the tools but she helped him go through law school, sort of guided him along the way and built him up to become a partner, I think in ways to make him her right hand man.

"I think she sees a lot of herself in him. So when she sees why he's hired Mike and all the difficulties that come with I think she trusts Harvey in that this kid's going to make through on his promise of being as legitimate a lawyer as he can."

There are plenty of highlights left ahead for Suits fans: "There's some great stuff going on in this season," he explained. "In a couple episodes there's a terrific scene with Harvey and Louis (Rick Hoffman). Louis is really feeling down on his luck and whereas we've seen Harvey really ride Louis and, you know, take the piss out of him more often than not, he comes to really tell him that he believes in him and there's a really great scene in which we talk about the history of them. I really enjoyed working with Rick on that.

"[The] problem is," he added, "Everybody now learns that I break easily and I get these laughing fits. So I did cry of laughter in that scene but they were able to cut around it. There's also, Margo Martindale has guested on the show and that was another laughing fit I had. She plays one of the heads of the nurses association and there's a scene where I try to negotiate with her to settle.

"And in her off camera take of my close up she went behind the camera and said her line which is 'The nurses strike at midnight,' but the way she pulled it off [it] sounded like a vampire on True Blood. And she like threw her fangs out. Just had me in tears. That was behind the scenes fun, and hopefully the scenes work." If season one is any indication, everything should be just fine.

Suits continues Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT on USA.

For more on Gabriel Macht, check out my recent column on why he deserves Emmy consideration and my list of 5 Gabriel Macht films for Suits fans. For more from Brittany Frederick, visit my Starpulse writer page and follow me on Twitter (@tvbrittanyf).

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