Six 'The Voice' Artists Return To The Show: Where Are They Now?

December 13th, 2012 9:00am EST

Juliet Simms The Voice welcomed home several members from its sophomore class on Tuesday night. Team Cee Lo's Juliet Simms, Team Christina's Chris Mann, and Team Blake's Raelynn all performed, while Team Adam's Tony Lucca and Nicolle Galyon and Team Christina's Hailey Steele were also in attendance. Big Red Chairs caught up with several alumni on the red carpet Tuesday to talk about their post-show pursuits.

"Everything's been great, busy, traveling, recording, writing, playing shows," said Juliet, who performed her new single 'Wild Child' and revealed that her full album is on course to arrive "early next year."

She confirmed that she signed with Universal Republic Records, while she also inked a deal with coach Cee Lo Green's management team. "I signed with Primary Wave and Cee Lo's taking me under his wing," she explained. "[I'm] just basking in the results of what the show did for me."

What's next on Juliet's to-do list? "The next accomplishment is to release a record worldwide and do a world tour," she said. "I want to go places I haven't gone before. I've never been to England. I've never been to Europe. I've never been to Australia. I've never been to China. I want to go everywhere I've never been."

'Wild Child' is now available on iTunes.

Big Red Chairs also caught up with The Voice's busiest alumnus, Chris Mann. Chris has been the show's most productive artist, turning out two full albums and making numerous public appearances. As he walked The Voice red carpet, he was preparing to leave for Detroit on Wednesday. "Isn't it great, though?" he reflected. "It's fun."

He described his packed schedule as "[Being] gone all the time. I'm getting to go to a lot of cool places. The most I've been home is like two days, maybe, at a time. But it's very good and I'm excited about everything. I'm kind of taking it as it's coming, which has been hard but really great at the same time. That's what you hope for."

Chris recently shot a PBS special with Martina McBride that premieres nationwide in March. He'll also be seen as part of TNT's Christmas in Washington on December 21, the same day that he appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Yet even as he enjoys all the newfound success, the always-humble Vanderbilt alum hasn't forgotten where his took off.

"It's really fun to be back," he said. "The stage is so fun to sing on and the audience is always so great. I'm glad I wasn't getting judged tonight, that's for sure.

"But I wouldn't have changed a thing," he added. "I'm even happy I got fourth [place]. It all happened the way it's supposed to happen."

You can read my review of Chris's album Roads. Both Roads and his Christmas album Home for Christmas are available on iTunes.

Team Adam's Tony Lucca made an appearance in the Sprint Skybox, and for those of you wondering why he didn't perform, don't worry: he wasn't snubbed. "It's about getting the opportunity right," he said. "They've talked to me about coming back for Season 4. When there's a radio campaign, when there's a single, when the record's ready. The idea of rushing something just for the sake of doing it tonight wasn't in the cards."

After signing a deal with Adam Levine's 222 Records and recently finishing a nationwide concert tour, Tony is hard at work on that next album. "Right now I've gone from road mode to writing mode. I'm writing a ton, working with some great writers and producers. The record's coming along nice. I'm excited about it," he said, explaining that the new material will be "more of a continuation of the work I did on the show."

What was it like for him to return to The Voice? "It's cool to just be a spectator and watch these guys go through this marathon as opposed to being in it," he confided, though he doesn't look back on his own experience any differently. "I feel like I had a pretty decent perspective while I was on the show," he said. "I feel like I did my best work. I feel like I took advantage of the opportunity to its fullest, which is all you can ask to do."

Team Blake's Raelynn returned to perform her new single 'Boyfriend,' which was written by two other Voice contestants - Team Adam's Nicolle Galyon and Team Christina's Hailey Steele, who was one-half of the duo The Line. Nicolle and Hailey caught fans up on what they're doing post-competition.

"I just signed a publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis Nashville in August, so I've been writing for my record and doing stuff like this. We've been writing a lot," said Hailey. But just because she's writing doesn't mean she's stopped performing. "I'm opening a couple shows for Scotty McCreery this week," she added.

"Right now I'm kind of in Raelynn World and that's a good thing," added Nicolle, who released the EP Child of a Country Sun after her tenure on the show ended. "I'm writing almost her whole record with her at this point. The coolest thing that's come out of this is that I'm co-producing the record, which is not something that was even on my radar. I'm really excited to take the challenge."

"Just coming back in this capacity makes it come full circle," Hailey said of returning to the show. Agreed Nicolle, "As awesome as the show is, when you leave it feels like they broke up with you a little bit. So it's like getting back together with an old boyfriend or something and everybody making amends."

She added that the final results of the TV competition didn't mean the end of the world for either of their careers. "Look at us tonight, we're winning. We just wrote a song that's at like number eight on the country charts right now. [Hailey]'s singing backgrounds on the song [and] I helped co-produce it," she explained. "We didn't lose. We may have lost our battle round but we didn't lose."

In addition to the folks who walked the red carpet, Team Blake's Gwen Sebastian (read my interview with her) and Team Cee Lo's Justin Hopkins (read my interview with him) were in the studio audience on Tuesday. She recently released the single 'Met Him in a Motel Room,' while his live acoustic record This Could Happen Anywhere dropped earlier this fall.

And if that's still not enough of The Voice for you, Team Cee Lo's Jamar Rogers released a new single and Team Blake's Erin Willett dropped her debut EP this week as well. Stay tuned for coverage of those new releases.

The Voice begins its two-part finale on Monday at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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