'Suits' Season 2.5: Why It's Still The Best Show on Television (Editorial)

January 16th, 2013 12:10pm EST

Suits With its return, USA's Suits remains the best series on television - and one of the best ever.
There are a lot of great TV series on the airwaves today: FX's Justified, AMC's Breaking Bad, HBO's The Newsroom, just to name a few. Scripted television now is better than it's been in years if not decades. This is not to take away from the success of many other wonderful shows. Yet Suits is as close to a perfect TV series as one can possibly get. It's a series that works in nearly every aspect. Shows like Suits are why I became a TV journalist: because not only is it great entertainment, but its effects reach beyond that. This is a series that exemplifies all the things that are wonderful about television.
To start at the most basic level, it's simply an outstanding TV series. When the audience sits down for that hour every Thursday night, they know that it's going to be worth it. The show has found the perfect balance every series strives for - the one between rewarding all the viewers who tune in faithfully every week with ongoing storylines, but also being that program you can still enjoy if you're just catching a random rerun. You don't feel like you have to have seen every episode to get it (though once you get started, you'll want to watch every episode). What's more, while everyone has their favorite - I'm a Harvey Specter girl, myself - all the characters are likeable. Yes, even Louis Litt. You might want him to get fired, but you'd miss him if he was gone. There's no weak link in Pearson/Hardman's staff. And it's just fun to watch everything they do.
Which brings us to the actors. Suits fans, try to imagine another Harvey, Mike, Rachel, Donna, Jessica or Louis. You can't, can you? These roles are perfectly cast.
None of these people are household names, but they all deserve to be. These are actors so good that on Thursday, as much as we love what they do, we don't see them: we see the people they're supposed to be. That's an accomplishment when one actor achieves that - let alone a half-dozen of them at that level.
When you have actors that good, it's your responsibility to give them material that allows them to be at their best, and I have all the respect in the world for Suits creator Aaron Korsh and his crack writing staff.
Much like with acting, it's a pretty cool thing when you have not just one or two good writers on a team, but a whole room of them that can turn out solid episodes. There hasn't been a bad episode of Suits yet.
Let us, too, recognize all the other people that make TV shows possible, the ones that you don't know. All those of you raving about Harvey's suits or commenting on his hairstyle? Thank the wardrobe department and the hairstylists.
And all these people work well together. It's one thing to have people who are individually good at their jobs, and another for them to be able to form a cohesive unit to make that best possible final product. How many stories have you read of on-set difficulties holding back a production? I'm not saying these folks don't have their disagreements, but it's clear that the Suits team, from Aaron Korsh on down, respect and appreciate one another. When I interviewed the cast at the Paley Center on Monday night and asked them what they loved most about going to work every day, every one of them told me it was their colleagues.
Here's the part that I think gets most overlooked. The reason I truly love television is the ability that great TV has to affect real life. The idea of creating something fictional that can leave a lasting impact is amazing. Suits has done that. It's not just the fact that the show has a passionate fan base; many series do. It's Patrick J. Adams telling the Paley Center audience about someone who said the show inspired them to go back to school. It's the people that have become interested in studying law because of it. It's those stories and others where the show didn't just entertain us - it made us better.
For me, the cast of Suits is close to my heart. It's been my pleasure and my honor to write about this wonderful show for the last two and a half seasons, and I'm looking forward to many more.
I certainly believe that television doesn't get any better than this.
Suits returns this Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT on USA.
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