Maurice LaMarche Returns To 'Dan Vs.' In 'Dan vs. Vegetables'

February 16th, 2013 10:40am EST

Maurice LaMarche He's back! Television's most awesome voice actor, Maurice LaMarche, is making things a lot more interesting in this week's episode of The Hub's Dan Vs. The battle is "Dan vs. Vegetables," and LaMarche is kind of all over it. BFTV spoke to him on Thursday about returning to the show, and who his favorite voiceover artists are.
"In this particular episode, Dan is appalled to find that his favorite burger joint has stopped serving french fries and has started serving broccoli. Albeit with a cheese dip, but still," quipped Maurice, who explained that he plays numerous roles in Dan's quest for revenge against veggies. "The first place he encounters me is as Vegan Vic, the owner of 'Wholesome Foods', the natural foods market. I'm a 62-year-old ex-hippie proprietor of this vegan market. He makes the mistake of thinking I'm a pacifist and I'm not.
"I also play the young guard of an Army base. He comes up against Dan," he continued. "And finally, as Dan's plan comes to fruition, I'm a huge broccoli monster. I admire Dan for creating me and then I turn on him. Bit of a range there."
The last one continues Maurice's pattern of playing a few characters that are giant and green. He voices news monster Morbo and would-be conqueror of Earth Lrrr, among other characters, on Comedy Central's Futurama. In Saturday's Dan Vs., he gets to look like this.

Dan Vs. is an interesting show to sell, so we asked LaMarche how he describes it. "The hero, the protagonist, is actually an antagonist. He's constantly railing against everything," he said. "Sometimes you're on his side, sometimes you're looking at him like 'Really? You're that big of a jerk?' It's all done with great hilarity. In his own way, he gets his own degree of comeuppance, and sometimes you have to agree with him. Luckily you have Chris and Elise there, who are the common sense of the show."
Is there anything that would send LaMarche into a Dan-like yelling at the sky? "Right now, It'd be Mo versus the construction on the 405 Freeway," he said. "There's all this construction on the main artery here in the San Fernando Valley."
"Dan vs. Vegetables" is LaMarche's fourth episode of Dan Vs. Most notably, he played the elderly greeter who ended up locked in a huge battle with Dan in "Dan vs. Gigundo-Mart." If you want to know how he keeps coming back to the show, he gives the credit to an old friend. "I'm very lucky that my friend Brian Sheesley has just started using me," referring to the Dan Vs. director, who has also worked with LaMarche on other series, including Futurama.
It's no secret that LaMarche is one of the best voice actors in the business, so who wouldn't want him on their show?

One of the other beloved series LaMarche worked on, Taz-Mania, is finally coming to DVD in May, and we asked him if there are any other series he'd like to see be made available again. "The answer to that question would've been Taz-Mania. That was a show we all had tremendous fun doing," he said. "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was kind of fun. Real Ghostbusters as well. I think some of the old Inspector Gadgets might be fun to see on DVD."
Does he have voice actors that he's a fan of? "Oh, yes," he said. "I do have a bit of sadness that I never got to work with Mel Blanc, or even meet him. I missed him by five minutes once. The same with Orson Welles. I'd been in the studio after he'd just left."
"My own heroes, of course Frank Welker, who taught me so much. It was a university of education sitting next to Frank Welker," he continued. "Rob Paulsen, just a treat to work with and a dear friend. Tress McNeille, just a genius, and Billy West, one of the all time great nice guys. And Big John DiMaggio."
Given that he's just named several people who've participated in many of animation's most well-known shows, it might sound like there's a small unit of career voice-over actors. He says that's not necessarily the case, but there's definitely a group of familiar faces. "It seemed like that to me when I first tried to break into this business," he said. "There's quite a community, several hundred, [but] there does seem to be a core of actors that do the bulk of the work. I'm very fortunate to be in that core - even though I always seem to be five minutes late!"
Considering that he has voiced and continues to voice some of our most beloved characters, we can cut him a little slack. After all, nobody can voice something a giant broccoli monster better than the man who's won multiple Emmy Awards, an Annie, and has given us one of the best single line deliveries ever. Dan Vs. is even better for having him.
You can keep up with Maurice on Twitter (@MauriceLaMarche). "Dan vs. Vegetables" airs today at 4:30 PM ET/1:30 PM PT only on The Hub. Check out a clip below.
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