'Suits' and 4 Other Unexpected Shows That Have Us Yelling At The TV

February 21st, 2013 9:30am EST

Suits Tonight is the season finale of USA's Suits, which is the best show on television. There are so many reasons to love it, like compelling characters played to near-perfection by an ensemble cast, led by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. Then there are the plots. Courtroom drama has always been interesting to watch; that's how we sustained twenty seasons of NBC's Law & Order, after all. But Suits doesn't need to have court in session to be crackling. Whether a scene takes place in the halls of Pearson Hardman or on the streets of New York, it's good. So good, in fact, that we've caught ourselves yelling at Mike Ross to get his stuff together. And we've been chewing Harvey Specter's ear off quite often.
Talking back to your small screen isn't uncommon when you're watching a thriller or an action-packed show, like AMC's The Walking Dead or HBO's Game of Thrones, for example. We'll even concede it if you're watching a tense scene in a cop show like TNT's Southland, waiting to see if the bad guy will get caught. But who'd expect to get animated about lawyers discussing a merger?
We at BFTV searched our brains for shows that consistently get us screaming, but aren't necessarily supposed to make you do that (sorry, Homeland and American Horror Story). They also had to still be on the air (never mind how much time we wasted telling those kids on Legends of the Hidden Temple to just put the monkey statue together already). And most importantly, they had to be programs we love.
So while you're waiting for the Suits finale - airing tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on USA - check out our list of the hit series and four other shows that aren't your usual edge-of-your-seat programs, but still have us yelling at our TVs.

Who knew legal drama could be so epic? USA has outdone itself with Suits, which has us talking about almost every scene. These lawyers are the most interesting on TV, and not just because Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht with just the right amount of swagger) is the best closer in New York. We can't stop speculating on what makes Harvey tick, or how long it's going to be before someone else finds out that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) isn't a real lawyer. We're so engrossed in this show, we're taking notes.
Season two has given us even more to chew on than season one. Now we're wondering aloud whose name is going to replace Daniel Hardman's on the wall of Pearson Hardman, shouting at Harvey and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) to repair their strained relationship before it's too late, and railing about how unfortunate it is - even though it makes perfect sense - that Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) didn't get into Harvard Law School. We're still talking about these characters on Friday...and Saturday, Sunday and pretty much every day of the week. Thankfully, season three has already been approved.
Suits airs its season finale tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on USA.

Top Gear
Allegedly, this is a motoring show. It boasts reviews of new vehicles, discussions of industry news, and hot laps around a test track. That means we shouldn't be staring at the TV trying to figure out what this is (it's Jeremy Clarkson's P45). Or watching Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond build their own snowplow. We should not be yelling "Who gave these people military equipment?!" But it's very hard to get through an episode of Top Gear without blurting something out, either in surprise, excitement or a little bit of fear.
The American version with hosts Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust isn't any less exclamation-worthy. So far in the second half of season three, we've uttered such head-scratching statements as, "Why did you put a replica of the Flatiron Building on the roof of a Buick convertible?" and "He's driving around with a ball of rats on his head!" This franchise is so much more than a motoring show. Neither version of Top Gear will ever remotely be confused with Car and Driver Television. And that's why we like it.
Top Gear UK airs Monday nights at 9 PM ET/PT on BBC America. Top Gear USA airs Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET/PT on History.

Dan Vs.
This out of control animated series is often mis-classified as a children's program, since it airs on The Hub, the same network which brings you Pound Puppies and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. But to call it a kid's show would be a huge oversight. It is most definitely not another brightly colored cartoon that will teach your children a lesson, unless it's what not to do. Short-tempered Dan (voiced by Curtis Armstrong) has broken into the bank as revenge for higher ATM fees and nearly started World War Three just to get back at a squirrel. Armstrong himself describes his character as "this horrible, raging, intolerant psychopath."
While it's baffling how Dan Vs. ended up on The Hub, we're really grateful to the programming execs who have kept it on their air for three seasons now. Co-creators Chris Pearson and Dan Mandel have given us the funniest show that you're not watching; only FX's Archer is more hilarious than Dan Vs. And while we'll probably never be a Sterling Archer-type spy, it's really easy to imagine being Dan, who's just an average guy frustrated by many of the same things that drive us crazy. Often, we're not yelling at him, we're yelling with him. Even if we can't pull off that really cool skyward scream thing.
Dan Vs. airs at 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET on The Hub.

Monday Mornings
David E. Kelley's medical drama has only been on TNT for three weeks, but it's already earning raves, not just because of its quality but because it's getting us all worked up. We'll admit that the pick is a little iffy, considering medical shows are another genre with built-in tension, but this one gets the nod anyway because we're not just hoping the patient of the week survives that risky surgery. We're getting into debates over whether or not the doctors of Chelsea General Hospital did the right thing, or how they could do better.
Monday Mornings has made the professional, moral, legal and emotional dilemmas of medicine accessible to laymen. We've found ourselves just as much in the crossfire as the characters. We already have a healthy dislike for transplant expert Dr. Buck Tierney (Bill Irwin) for being quick to write off a gunshot victim in order to harvest the patient's organs, but at the same time we can't argue with the fact that his actions saved six other people. When chief of staff Dr. Harding Hooten (a superb Alfred Molina) is grilling his staff in Room 311, we've caught ourselves jumping to their defense. It's sad to think that there are only seven episodes left in the first season of Monday Mornings, because we're already wanting more.
Monday Mornings airs Mondays at 10 PM ET/PT on TNT.

FX's Elmore Leonard series is the second-best show on television, and it's a close second. Led by Timothy Olyphant, who ought to have a whole shelf full of awards for his spot-on portrayal of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, Justified unfolds each week like another of Leonard's legendary novels. We can't help but keep a running commentary, whether it's repeating the numerous witty lines delivered by Olyphant and his costars, or talking about the various colorful characters that populate every episode. No one on Justified is just a generic person. There's always something just a bit quirky about them.
While there are plenty of moments on Justified designed for an "OMG" reaction, what lands the show on this list is that there are many more that provoke outbursts anyway. We've been shocked by character deaths and last-second reveals, but we also cheered the engagement of resident criminals Boyd and Ava Crowder (Walton Goggins and Joelle Carter), and had an entire discussion about how much we love deadpan Marshal Tim Gutterson (Jacob Pitts). Raylan doesn't have to shoot someone to get our attention.
Justified airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM ET/PT on FX.

What are the shows that you're surprised to find yourself getting animated about? Leave 'em in the comments!
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