'Wedding Band' and 'Sons of Anarchy' Make Harold Perrineau An Emmy Contender

June 12th, 2013 12:15pm EDT | Brittany Frederick By: Brittany Frederick

Sons of Anarchy

Then there's Damon Pope. When a character is described as "the most dangerous gangster in Oakland," the actor had better be able to back that up, or said character just loses all credibility. There was no doubt that Pope was a real villain, though, when he burned Dawn alive in front of her father Tig in revenge for the death of his own daughter, Veronica. It was disturbing, yet what was almost more frightening was that the motivations behind it were perfectly understandable.

Pope wasn't a one-dimensional thug; he had to be looked at as an actual human being, and that made him even scarier. From that moment on, everything he did or even said created an uncomfortable feeling, because the audience knew just what he was capable of and yet he was just relatable enough to get under our skin. Perrineau not only made the description accurate, but it took us a moment after every episode to remember that he wasn't a psychopath. If that's not Emmy worthy, we don't know what is.