Snoop Lion And 10 Other Celebrity Name Changes

August 1st, 2012 4:07pm EDT

Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg has traded a canine for a feline, claiming he has taken up the moniker Snoop Lion following his conversion to Rastafarian. But he's far from the first celebrity to change his name. Here are our Top 10 Celebrity Name Changes:
Carlos Irwin Estevez - Charlie Sheen. Charlie took the esteemed stage name of his father Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez (Martin Sheen). His brother, Emilio, kept his real name because it sounded better than "Emilio Sheen."
Farrokh Bulsara - Freddie Mercury: You can understand why Queen's lead singer changed his name. After living in Zanzibar, his family fled to England during the Zanzibar Revolution. He changed his name when Queen was formed, and has been Freddie ever since.
Maurice Joseph Micklewhite - Michael Caine: Not exactly a name that pops off posters in the 50s, he took the name Michael Scott at first (that would be a very amusing Office episode). After being informed another actor had the name already, he chose a last name from a nearby advertisement for The Caine Mutiny.
Robert Zimmerman - Bob Dylan: The timeless, Jewish singer was influenced by the poetry of Dylan Thomas. He simply began introducing himself as Bob Dylan, and the moniker stuck.
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson - Katy Perry: Following a not-so-successful album as a Christian rock singer, this pop star changed her name due to the fact it sounded too much like actress Kate Hudson. So, she simply made a stage name from her mother's maiden name.
Olivia Jane Cockburn - Olivia Wilde: Correctly assuming that "Cockburn" wasn't the greatest name for an actress, the beautiful Olivia (who has Irish citizenship) took the last name of Irish poet Oscar Wilde.
Puff Daddy - P. Diddy - Diddy: Devo was right, we're all slowly devolving. Puff Daddy slowly shortened his name every 5 years or so - we're due for another any time now! He can't even be called Diddy in the UK due to losing a lawsuit from an exisiting artist. He's still P. Diddy over there.
Reginald Kenneth Dwight - Elton John: He started his career playing blues songs under the name "Reggie." When he got his first record deal, he decided to make his stage an homage to a saxophonist in one of his previous bands (Elton Dean) and a band leader that he played with (Long John Baldry).
Joaquin Rafael Bottom - Joaquin Phoenix: Joaquin's family was part of the cult Children of God. When the family grew disenchated with it, they moved from South America to the USA and changed their last anme to HPoenix to represent a new beginning.
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV - Tom Cruise: Eager to break into show business, Tom took the advice of his first agent and removed his last name. His real name comes from his great grandfather, who was adopted and given the Mapother family name.

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