The Top 10 Bicycle Scenes And Movies

August 24th, 2012 12:07pm EDT

Premium Rush Premium Rush, a film about a bike courier transporting something way above his paygrade, hits theaters this weekend. So we wondered how it compares to past films with great bicycle scenes and movies only about bicycles. here's our Top 10 Bicycle Scenes And Movies:

1. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Bicycles obviously have a childhood cannontation; it's the first vehicle we're allowed to drive (unless our parents bought us Power Wheels). So when the world's biggest kid, Pee-Wee, loses his bike, he goes on a national bike-hunt to get it back. To be fair, if I had that awesome ride, I'd go to hell and back to retrieve it too.

2. E.T.

The chase scene in E.T. is not only the scene that became Steven Spielberg's logo for Amblin Entertainment, it's also a microcosm of a kid's dream: we can outrun anyone on our bikes, even the overbearing adults. But being able to fly on your bike, too? Now that's just awesome.

3. The Goonies

Speaking of bicycles as a gateway to freedom, The Goonies use their bikes to escape from the care of an older brother to find aventure and pirate treasure. The film uses the escape to s howcase the beautiful landscape of their hometown, Astoria, Oregon.

4. The Bicycle Thief

Anyone in a rough economy can relate to the 1948 film The Bicycle Thief. In post-war Italy, a man is fortunate enough to get a job putting up promotional posters around the city. However, in order for him to keep the job he must onw a bicycle. After his family pawns bedsheets to own the transportation, it's stolen while the man is putting up posters. What follows is a desperate search to find his bike and feed his family. Even now, it resembles a modern catch-22: In order to work, you usually need transportation. In order to have transportation, you need work.

5. Breaking Away

When a group of friends on the working class side of town graduate highschool, they must make a decision on what to do with their lives: be "cutters," as the afulent population calls them, and work in the quarries - or make something more with their lives. What follows is an obsession with the cycling culture and their struggle to prove they can keep up with the best.

6. Jitensha

This Japanese short film also explores the relationship between man and machine. When a depressed businessman's beloved bike is found missing its seat, he figures it as petty thievery or a prank. However, with each passing day another piece goes missing. He writes notes on the bike, asking the thief just to take the entire thing instead of torturing him. When he gets notes, back they are signed by "God." The thief then gives him a list of the locations of the parts, and what follows is a somewhat-mystical journey that has the man putting more than his bike back together.

7. Quicksilver

The spiritual predessecor to Premium Rush, Kevin Bacon stars as a stockbroker that leaves his fast-paced life behind to join a bike courier business. He learns to love the speed and danger of the job, although his fellow couriers question his motives when they learn of his previous high-flying career. Bonus points for "bike break dancing" scenes!

8. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

This film covers the events of two robberies and the thieves' lives in-between. The most whimsical moment is when Butch Cassidy invites a young lady to ride on the handle bars of his bicycle, while "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" plays. It's the pinnacle of their post-job high, with a complete lack of worry nor preminition to the deadly events of their next job.

9. BMX Bandits

The film that launched Nicole Kidman's career (not really, but look at that hair), this 1983 Australian film could be the first and only "bikesploitation" film. Following the wave of BMX biking, this film follows a trio of friends that mistakenly take a box of police wave radios that some bank robbers were hoping to use to monitor police activity. Surely, a wacky chase ensues.

10. Napoleon Dynamite

"It's a sledgehammer."

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