The Worst Movies Of 2012

12/17/2012 3:07pm EST | Casey Johnson By: Casey Johnson

The Oogieloves

Not every film can win an Oscar, but these flicks could be winning "awards" for their complete lack of entertainment. These are the Worst Movies of 2012:

Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure: "Hey, kids love those interactive TV shows like Dora the Explorer, right? Let's make a movie like that - we'll be millionaires!" That's what the producers behind Oogieloves were thinking - except that they failed to realize their franchise had no name power, let alone anything near Dora's, and that most kids would be uncomfortable answering questions or dancing along to a film in a dark theater full of strangers. Ah, who am I kidding - the theaters weren’t full: Box Office Mojo calculates that each showing of Oogieloves had an average of 2 viewers.

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