The Worst Fashion Fails In 2012

December 21st, 2012 1:07pm EST

Nicki Minaj Even celebrities can't look perfect every day. However, it takes a special disaster to be remembered for your fashion blunder for the rest of the year. Here are the Worst Fashion Fails In 2012:

Nicki Minaj: We could probably construct a list entirely out of Nicki's fashion choices this year, but that wouldn't be fair to the others. It was a growing list of cries of attention, with the zenith being her red church outfit - complete with pope.

Christina Aguilera: Fair or not, Xtina's weight was a topic of a lot of discussion in the previous years. This unflattering pair of jeans featuring a star pattern lifted from the United States flag only made her appear larger. The leather jacket helped her complete the "big momma" biker stereotype, at least.

Amy Heidemann: There's a lot wrong with this outfit, but we're most concerned about the meatloaf she has attached to her head.

Ke$ha: Some people can pull off the "ironically wear bad fashion" look, but Ke$ha's onesie was just uncalled for.

Ginnfer Goodwin: This won't be the last we see of the ugly bell-shaped dresses in fashion fail. Can you even sit down in one of these things?

Lena Dunham: We respect conservative wear, but this high-hipped dress is pretty much shapeless and isn't doing Lena any favors.

Ashley Judd: There's nothing particularly wrong with this dress, but that pouf is waaay over the line.


USA Olympic Team: Made in China (natch), these garish unis feature missteps like a beret and a giant Ralph Lauren logo on the front.

Kelly Osbourne: Kelly was actually quite the fashionista this year, but we can't get past this mermaid gown with supervillianess shoulder pads.

Piper Perabo and Alicia Silverstone: It looks like something exploded under their dresses.

Natalie Portman: Well, if you have to steal and stow away a priceless piece of the scenery, I guess this is your dress.

Naomi Watts: Someone forgot to tell Naomi to take off her wing suit.

Emma Stone: Emma is usually a stunner, so we were really confused when she appeared in this high waisted pantsuit.

Elle Fanning: Elle got quite a bit of press this year for her daring fashion choices, but this pre-shaped dress just didn't do it for us.

Rita Ora: Someone get Rita's grandmother out of the shot... oh.

Kim Kardashian: Kim had a few missteps this year, but none worse than this dress with Tron-esque panels.

Adrienne Bailon: Now for the piece de resistance, Adrienne's bizarre dress that not only looked awful with and without the tacky leather jacket, but also led to a wardrobe malfunction. Congrats Adrienne, you "win" the Fashion Fail of the Year.

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