Fashion Fails: A Night At The Oscars And Bonus Bieber

March 3rd, 2013 6:07pm EST

Anne Hathaway It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails! Today we get to review the fails from the Oscars red carpet, where we were treated to some of the best styles of the year... and some of the worst.
Anne Hathaway's dress was beautiful in many ways, especially considering she had to swap out her first choice at the last minute. However, it was all overshadowed by the darts in her top, something she felt she had to apologize for after the show.

We understand in Salma Hayek felt the need to prove she could look good without showing off her cleavage, but that huge gold collar takes away from the rest of the beautiful black dress hugging her figure.

The extra amounts of fabric wrinkling up Melissa McCarthy's dress makes it even more unflattering. Look how much extra length the arms have.

Fan Bingbing's dress looks more like an attempt at cubism than a dress. We got a hint at her figure, but the frozen shape is just too much for us.

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked great, but for some reason she decided to let her dress take all the attention away with a shiny, metallic bodice.

Kristen Stewart was hobbled by a leg injury, but so was her choice of a dress that looked like it was right off the rack and in the wrong size. Not to mention it appears she forgot to comb her hair for a few days.

We applaud Helen Hunt for going mainstream with an H&M gown, but it would have been nice if she got it in her size and bothered to iron it.

Sunrise Coigney had something going with the bottom half of her dress, but unfortunately it was paired with a boring black bodice that droops around the waist. She then paired it with odd shoes, a blue purse, and a high-style necklace. It was all out of place.

Here is your bonus Justin Bieber. What the hell is going on here? Maybe he's striving for Oddjob's position with his weaponized hat. Even then, we're not sure why he needs two watches, and we don't think a leopard would last long in the wild with purple fur. Finally, it must be difficult to use glasses with the brand's sticker still on the lens.

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