Fan Names Fossil After Johnny Depp

May 20th, 2013 4:36pm EDT

Edward Scissorhands A scientist has named a fossil after Johnny Depp after he saw a resemblance to Edward Scissorhands.
David Legg, a british scientist from Imperial College London, discovered a 505 million-year-old fossil that appears to have been an ancestor of lobster and scorpions. The fossil had large, scissor-like claws.
Legg thought the claws looked like the titular character in Edward Scissorhands, and decided to name it Kooteninchela deppi after the movie's star.
Legg says, "When I first saw the pair of isolated claws in the fossil records of this species, I could not help but think of Edward Scissorhands. Even the genus name, Kootenichela, includes the reference to this film, as 'chela' is Latin for claws or scissors.
"In truth, I am also a bit of a Depp fan and so what better way to honor the man than to immortalize him as an ancient creature that once roamed the sea?"

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