Who Has The Best Celebrity Fans: St. Louis Cardinals Or Boston Red Sox?

October 23rd, 2013 1:07pm EDT

Jon Hamm The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series in a rematch of their 2004 series in which the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in four games to win their first title since 1918. The Cardinals have won the World Series twice since 2004 and were one game away from reaching the World Series last year. However, we're more interested in what really matters: which team has the better celebrity fans! Let's take a look:
Jon Hamm, Cardinals: "Oh, my God, I’ve always been a huge Cardinals fan. I remember going to the World Series in ’82, ’85 and ’87, and this is amazing," Hamm told the New York Daily News when the All-Star game was held in St. Louis.

Ben Affleck, Red Sox: Ben is such a big fan of the Sox that he has his own curse associated with them: the Sox haven't won on his birthday, August 15, since he won his Oscar for Good Will Hunting in 1998.
Jenna Fischer, Cardinals: Fischer is a native of the St. Louis area and grew up as a fan of the home team. She told Yahoo! Sports she even wrote a poem in school dedicated to their 1982 World Series win.

Lenny Clarke/ Denis Leary, Red Sox: The two comedians are die-hard fans, with Leary appearing in several documentaries about the Red Sox improbably 2004 ALCS and World Series wins. They also show up during game broadcasts, leading to this memorable moment:

Nelly, Cardinals: Nelly has worn his St. Louis pride on his sleeve - he did star in the rap group St. Lunatics, after all. He recently bet Arsenio Hall that his team would beat Hall's Dodgers, which led to Arsenio trying to rap Country Grammar:

Seth Meyers, Red Sox: Meyers is a New Hampshire native with a passion for the Sox. However, this year he made a mistake when he booked a stand-up show in October in Boston. "I scheduled it when Bobby Valentine was manager," he joked to the Boston Globe.

Billy Bob Thornton, Cardinals: Thornton is an Arkansas native, but ended up loving the Cardinals due to their AA team. The Cardinals young talent played for the Arkansas Travelers when Thornton was growing up, so naturally Thornton followed the players to the Cardinals when they made it to The Big Leagues.

Matt Damon, Red Sox: Bostonian Damon can be found with some primo seats at many Red Sox games. He narrated the official 2007 World Series DVD, and actually left the production of Syriana in Europe to watch the Red Sox play in the World Series in 2004. Buddy George Clooney, sensing Damon would want to leave, suspended production before Damon even asked.

John Goodman, Cardinals: A St. Louis native, Goodman attends several games a year in person and can be seen enjoying the weather in Florida to watch the team during training camp.

Mark/Donnie Wahlberg, Red Sox: The Wahlberg brothers have been fans of the Sox since childhood. In The Other Guys, Mark tried to act without a smile in a scene where he shoots Derek Jeter in the leg. Donnie tweets constantly about his hometown Red Sox and New England Patriots.

Gretchen Wilson, Cardinals: Wilson is a lifelong Cardinals fan. In 2004, when the team made the World Series to face the Red Sox, Wilson re-wrote her hit Redneck Woman as Redbird Fever to create an anthem for her beloved team.

John Krasinski, Red Sox: Krasinski claims that he was in the crowd in 2004 before the Red Sox won the World Series, holding up two signs that said "What Curse?" The sign was on the front page of the Boston Globe the morning after and became a slogan for the team and was on merchandise at the very next game.

Bonus - U.S. Presidents: JFK was a huge Red Sox and baseball fan. He was unable to attend Sox games while in office, but went to several Washington Senators games. Kennedy reportedly appointed an "Undersecretary of Baseball" to keep stats and scores for him.

Just like Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas and enjoyed minor league games for the Cardinals affiliates. Clinton was so saddened by the shuttering of the Cardinals Hall of Fame that he offered his Presidential Library in Arkansas as a temporary home for the team's memorabilia.

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