Rumor Patrol: Justin Bieber's Wax Figure Retired, Oscar Winner Revealed, More

February 15th, 2014 2:03pm EST

Rumor Patrol: Justin Bieber's Wax Figure Retired, Oscar Winner R You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.
Justin Bieber's Wax Figure Retired: After the pop star claimed he was retiring, is it true the wax version made by Madam Tussauds has had its last day in the public eye?
Verdict: True. General Manager Bret Pidgeon told the New York Post, “This is disappointing, but hopefully we can welcome a new ‘grown-up’ Justin back to the attraction in the near future.” The reason why may disturb you: the figure was being damaged by raucous Beliebers who couldn't help but grope a wax version of their beloved. Hands off, ladies!
CNN Reveals Oscar Winner: It's a conspiracy! CNN was at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon when they panned over a nameplate that proclaimed Leonardo DiCaprio as the winner of Best Actor - weeks before the Oscars. So is it true that Leo should expect his name called?
Verdict: False. Nameplates for all of the nominees are produced. Plus, votes aren't even finished and many ballots haven't been sent back. That said, we'd wager Leo has a pretty good chance of being honored for Wolf of Wall Street.
Ellen DeGeneres Has Breast Cancer: The National Enquirer broke the news that Ellen is battle breast cancer "after she detected a lump in one of her breasts." She also believes "it's only a matter of time before cancer takes her out." Is Ellen really battling the deadly disease?
Verdict: False. A source tells Gossip Cop the report is "nonsense," which is why no one else is reporting on what would be a national story. A pretty sick rumor to be spreading, honestly.

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