Elementary: We Are Everyone (2x03)

10/13/2013 3:57pm EDT | By: Dani Langlie


This was a good one. It had an interesting case of the week and focused on some issues regarding Sherlock and Joan's style of living. I found myself drawn in by every second.

The plot was as follows: a man leaked government information and then went into hiding to avoid arrest. Sherlock believes he's hiding with a group of hackers called Everyone, so he takes to the internet to solve the case.

Meanwhile, Joan's friend sets her up on a dating site. She is hesitant, but eventually decides to go for it. Sherlock thinks the idea is silly, since their lives are already full of meaning without attempting to find love as well. It seems our poor Mr. Holmes doesn't believe in love anymore after what happened with Irene/Moriarty. Seriously, who can blame him?

Things get tense when the hackers get into Joan and Sherlock's technology, causing chaos with their phones and online accounts. They then find the suspect, who is believed to have killed the woman who was keeping him hidden, on top of releasing government secrets. He demands to be released, since he knows information about secret operatives that could get them killed if released to the public. This plan works temporarily, but due to some pickpocketing by Miss Watson, they manage to get enough evidence.

Of course, the hacking means that Joan's dating profile has been messed with, and a man from the site actually comes to the house to let her know what's happened and make sure she's okay. The two of them later go on a date, which Joan describes as being fun, even if she's not sure if there's a spark. She tells Sherlock that she thinks it's sad that he's given up, and that he has a lot to offer if he'd only try.

We end the episode on an eerie note, as Sherlock reads a letter from "Jamie" Moriarty. The way they did this scene was brilliant. First off, it was Sherlock's voice reading out the letter, and then Moriarty's voice adds to his, until Sherlock's voice fades out and Moriarty finishes off the letter. It's eerie to know that she is contacting him again, and on such a personal level, too. I'm wondering what will happen when Joan finds out!

So, yeah. This was a fun episode. During the case we got to see a lot of funny moments, such as Sherlock getting caught up with arguments on the internet, not to mention the dozens of pizzas delivered to the house thanks to the hackers.

The discussion about Joan and Sherlock's isolated lives was fantastic. Sherlock seems to be fine with the way their life is. He says that what they do is so much more meaningful than any romance could ever be. Watson, on the other hand, wants more out of life. She doesn't want this to be all there is. I anticipate this being an interesting tension between our two main characters as the show continues.


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