Liberace's lover wanted Damon or Douglas to bail him out of jail

June 7th, 2013 3:11am EDT

Liberace Liberace's former lover Scott Thorson has accused the makers of Behind The Candelabra of turning their backs on him by refusing to bail him out of jail.

The 54 year old, who is fighting colon cancer, was put behind bars for burglary after he was arrested in Nevada on 22 February (13) for hiring a hotel room with a credit card that did not belong to him.

He was released last week (31May13) but his incarceration meant he missed the premiere of Behind The Candelabra, in which he is portrayed by Matt Damon opposite Michael Douglas as the flamboyant pianist.

The biopic was based on Thorson's memoir Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace and he admits he had hoped the A-list stars would help him with his legal problems, telling Britain's The Sun, "Hollywood turned its back on me. Matt Damon or Michael Douglas would not bail me out, even though I offered to talk to them about the film."

Behind The Candelabra went straight to TV in the U.S. last month (May13) but Thorson hopes it will be a hit at the European box office as he has fallen on hard times and is broke after paying for cancer treatments: "I need to put money back into my pocket. I didn't make much out of the movie. I own a small percentage of the film but Hollywood is notorious for padding the bill so it shows no profit... It has been a big success, all these European companies have picked it up. So for the filmmakers to say they haven't made a dime would be a big mistake - especially with my mouth."

Thorson watched the film after leaving jail and has given it his official seal of approval, adding, "I was blown away. Matt Damon did a great job playing me. And he did a great job in bed with Douglas, too."

Thorson is due to be sentenced next month (Jul13).

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