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Donna Terrell is a freelance writer in the Chicago area. She writes everything from ad copy to scripts for stage and television. Chilling in front of the television is her favorite form of relaxation. Watching television and writing are two of her passions, so to be a writer is the perfect marriage of sorts. Donna also works out, likes to cook, loves cats and all things NFL, and is commercial voiceover talent.

'Ringer:' It's ONLY A TV Show

9/27/2011 11:37am EDT
The new TV season is ripe with new series premiers, and we TVaholics sit in cynical anticipation of shows that piqued our curiosity, wondering which ones will we set up a series recording on our DVRs. Ringer was the first new show I decided to watch, and the premiere reeled me in.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in a dual role of twins Bridget and Siobhan, sisters who are as far apart as the east is from the west. Bridget is a trailer park-esque, down-on-her-luck woman battling alcoholism and running from the cops. Siobhan is Miss Park Avenue with the season opera tickets and beachfront proper...

Watching Me On TV: Reflections About Blacks in Prime Time Past

2/23/2011 10:40am EST
The Cosby Show
I’m not old, but I am mature. I’m not in the let’s-go-clubbin’-this-Saturday-night set, but I’m still in the coveted demographic that advertisers like. I’m old enough to remember when vampires were scary—not hot. And I do have those wonderful memories of big, boxy television consoles with three major networks and some local stations with really bad programming. Color television shows were a major big deal, so much so that announcers would actually let you know—“The F.B.I.— in color!” That was probably because not a lot of folks had a color TV set. It’s also cool to see how the physical tele...

Star TV Couples for Valentine's Day 2011

2/14/2011 9:31am EST
The Good Wife
The marriage relationship is the staple and backbone of our society—and the same goes for the TV Land universe. Besides the requisite cop and law shows and all the TV trends in between that have come and gone, marriage and family shows have always been the rock. As television shows have evolved (and censorship has denigrated) so have the way couples have been shown relating to each other. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy) slept in twin beds and Lucy most times resorted to manipulation to get her way, or she whined and cried until she did. Mike and Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch) never had ...

Happy 70th Birthday Bugs Bunny!

7/27/2010 9:00am EDT
Bugs bunny at 70
Bugs Bunny, that iconic, carrot-smacking, wisecracking wabbit is 70 years old! In 1940, “A Wild Hare” debuted, introducing Bugs, and his nemesis Elmer Fudd, to the world. Here is where we first heard “What’s up, Doc?”and saw the beginning of how clever Bugs Bunny always outthinks and tricks his foes. Bugs Bunny is funny at its purest—Bugs Bunny building a salad on Elmer Fudd’s head in the barber shop, his fights with Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam, his conducting the opera and making the poor singer gasp for air—the situations and laughs are endless! Bugs’ appeal is universal; the seven-year- ...

What Else Is On? Shows Off The Beaten TV Path

6/1/2010 9:31am EDT
Pawn Stars
This is the time of year when serious TV viewers face a range of emotions - from sadness that a favorite show has ended, to irritation at how a show may have concluded, to anticipation that comes from a cliffhanger. You may feel emptiness on the evenings you would normally be perched in front of the tube. Your DVR sits idle.

“What else is on?” you may think as you flip through the TV listings or channel surf. There is hope! On some of the unsung channels of the cable universe, there are actually many entertaining and family-friendly shows that are quite fun to watch.

We’ve identified fiv...

'Army Wives' Season Finale 'Fields of Fire'

10/13/2009 8:12am EDT
Army Wives
Roxy and Trevor: The Hump Bar, along with other places on the strip, has been declared off limits to soldiers because of behavior. Roxy feels the bar can't make it without the patronage of the soldiers. She decides to fire Viola because she wants Viola to pursue the singing job in Atlanta. Viola puts up a fuss because she's loyal to Roxy, but Roxy tell s her she needs a kick in the pants.

Trevor, feeling the pinch of financial strain, is now saying that maybe the time isn't right to have a new baby. Oh, now he's saying that just when Roxy sees the double line on her home pregnancy test! ...

'Army Wives' Recap: ' Fields of Fire'

10/6/2009 8:15am EDT
Army Wives
Roxy and Trevor: Trevor continues to work with new recruits. He's got another one shored up to pass the physical.

Roxy and Pamela end up playing in the charity women's golf tournament with Claudia Joy and Denise. To Denise's chagrin, Roxy is her partner. Roxy acts like it's a day at Kiddieland. She's screaming, whooping, hollering and basically making a spectacle of herself. She's not schooled on "proper golf etiquette." They came in second place. Denise, who's an avid golfer, yells at Roxy.

Viola struts her stuff on the Hump Bar stage. She's quite the singer.

Pamela and Chase


'Army Wives' Recap: 'Shrapnel and Alibis'

10/1/2009 7:00am EDT
Army Wives
Roxy and Trevor: Continues to work with Canessa, who is having all kinds of problems with her sister. Her sister winds up in the hospital on an overdose. Canessa feels she can't go anywhere because she has to take care of her niece and nephew. Trevor tells Canessa how she can change their situation for the better through the Army's benefits.

Canessa enlists. Trevor promises to look in on her niece and nephew. His first recruit!

Pamela and Chase

Chase hobbles along on his broken leg, but that doesn't stop him from telling grieving Jeremy that he still needs to be where the action i...

'Army Wives' Recap: 'As Time Goes By'

9/22/2009 8:15am EDT
Army Wives
A SWING Time Warp! Roxy and Pam's kids are singing at the local nursing home. They are not able to see the actual concert, so they sit outside in the waiting room. There they meet two residents, Virginia and Elsie, who have been friends for over 60 years. The two likeable elderly ladies tell their story about 1943 Fort Marshall to Roxy and Pam.

Cue Glen Miller Big Band music, flashback to a USO dance…

Roxy and Trevor (Virginia and Worth)

Virginia, a beautiful blond, comes to Fort Marshall with great trepidation. She's not excited about her husband having to leave her and go off to...

New Nurse On The Block: Taylor Schilling In 'Mercy'

9/21/2009 10:05am EDT
On September 23, NBC will premiere Mercy, a hospital drama centering around the ones who pick up the pieces after the diagnosis is made - the nurses. At the core of this ensemble is Veronica Callahan (Taylor Schilling), a nurse who's seen the casualties and fatalities of the Iraq war. Now she must readjust to the civilian world.

Veronica is tough, but at the same time she gets flustered while navigating through her life. There is also a very interesting love triangle going on involving Veronica's wartime lover and her husband, who both work at the hospital. Those relationships are very...

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