8 Reasons Why We Love Kristen Stewart

November 3rd, 2012 1:01pm EDT

Kristen Stewart at Paris Fashion Week Despite her most recent media debacle, we still think Kristen Stewart is as awesome as ever. Here's 8 reasons why.

1.) She's one of the very few actresses who can completely commit to a role without overdramatizing it. She becomes her character without all that extra fluff. Have you ever seen The Runaways? Her performance as the gum-smacking rocker Joan Jett is perfection.

2.) Her "awkward" interview personality is adorable, and we love it. Who wouldn't get fidgety talking in front of that many people? It's the celebrities who are so naturally great at milking it that we really need to worry about. Kristen's normal, and we'd like to give her a giant hug for it.

3.) She's a fashion icon. Just wait...soon we'll be seeing teenage girls wearing converses under their prom dresses.

4.) She's humble and has never placed herself on a pedestal. At the Premiere of Twilight:Eclipse in 2010, she talked to MaximoTV about her fans, telling them "I feel really bad that I come here dressed like this and all of a sudden I'm so different to them, but there's no difference! I would love to take that away, because then they would understand me better."

5.) After a budget cut in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road, Kristen accepted a very modest salary of $250,000 (compare that to the millions upon millions she gets for Twilight) so that she could continue starring as Marylou.

6.) She's a hard worker, and those are the best kind of famous people. In August, she told U.K Mag, Little White Lies "I should be working. I don't want to take a break. It's funny, on set, I don't have to go to the bathroom, I don't have anything wrong, I'm literally not even in my own body. They wrap and they send me back to my trailer and I f---ing fall to pieces. I suddenly realize that I've had to pee for six hours and I'm starving."

7.) She's an animal lover. She and Robert Pattinson rescued their dog, Bear, from a high-kill shelter in Louisiana, and she's also admitted to her undying love for her cat. At the Eclipse Screening in 2010, she declared "I'm obsessed with my cat. We have a really strong, really weird codependent, almost Bella/Edward relationship. I'm going to be a crazy cat lady one day, I'm sure."

8.) Lastly, Jodie Foster adores her, and when you have the modest Silence of the Lambs actress on your side, that has to stand for something. Check out the piece Jodie Foster wrote soon after news of Kristen's infidelity spread.

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