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The National Politics Of HBO's 'Girls'

3/26/2013 6:20pm EDT
I'm still reeling from the end of season 2 of Girls. How perfectly dramatic and raw was that ending? If you're not familiar with the show, then first off, tsk-tsk. Granted, its target audience is 20-somethings looking for a mature television show with relatable characters, but that isn't reason enough not to watch even if you're not squarely in their demographics. Oh, and "mature television show" is the politically correct term to describe unedited nudity, swearing, drug use, and other "adult" situations.

If you are familiar with the show, then you know the four main protagonists are Hanna...

'Project Runway': A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n' Roll

3/11/2013 6:01pm EDT
project runway
Last week, the judges got all soft on us and couldn't declare a real loser from the challenge. Still, it was enough to cause Team Keeping it Real (I still think it's a stupid name) to topple from the top spot and for Joe to get the boot. But just when you thought episode four was over, Tim Gunn appeared and said there was some unfinished business to attend to. What could it be? Will the teams get mixed up? Will Daniel trim his moustache? Only time will tell.

Okay, not a lot of time, because Tim gets right to the point. He pulls all of the designers back out to the runway with Heidi and the...

Bones Explores Some Facts In The Fiction

3/11/2013 5:46pm EDT
Bones TV series
The show got off to an excellent start. Not only did a farmer run over a headless corpse that had been quite ravaged by time and wolves, but Booth informed Bones he was interested in investing asteroid mining. Honestly, I call that a quality start to anything other than Saturday morning cartoons!

Booth has it all figured out. The company needs about $2 billion in seed money to go round up approximately $50 billion in platinum. The conversation at the diner was going swimmingly well until a bloody and bruised somebody burst into the diner hollering for Bones, and reached into his bag tellin...

'Bones' And A Friend In Need

2/21/2013 7:40am EST
While many of the opening scenes of Bones can be classified as gruesome, this particular opening featured the remains of a body stuffed into a suitcase; seriously gruesome.

While I wouldn't call gruesome openings a pet peeve of mine, I do have major issues with people helping me with crossword puzzles, as though I need anyone's help after several challenging hours of staring at silly clues. Still, don't help me!

I was going crazy watching Bones hovering like a helicopter parent as Booth struggled, like someone else I know, to solve even the simplest clues. I wanted to jump through the TV ...

'Bones' Takes A Shot In The Dark

2/15/2013 7:25am EST
Bones Takes A Shot In The Dark
Here's the upshot of this episode of Bones: Temperance gets shot while working late at the lab and a personal journey of discovery transpires as she carries on a conversation with her dead mother (Brooke Langton). 

Rewind the clock a few minutes before getting shot, we see Bones and Booth arguing at home with Booth telling her she's not spontaneous enough. Isn't this always how it happens? Get into a fight, say some mean things you wished you hadn’t, one of your storms out to go for a walk or back to the office, and something dreadful happens. I really felt for Booth, emotionally, on every...

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