Hollywood Stars That Make Curves Sexy

December 12th, 2011 1:00pm EST

Hollywood's Curvy Cuties Those skinny girls may own the runways in Milan and Paris, but when it comes to sexy bodies- curvy is where it’s at. Not only are womanly curves more appealing to the eye, but guys love a girl with a little booty, right Sir Mix-a -lot? Here are some of our pick for Hollywood’s sexiest curves.

Beyonce - Who else can rock Christian Louboutin stilettos while pregnant? Beyonce looks fabulous in anything she puts on and has never been shy about her amazing curves.

Adele- Not only can Adele sing her butt off but she always looks so graceful and put together while doing it. The gorgeous redhead can make us cry, smile and melt all in the same song. We love you Adele, and like the rest of the world hate the boy who broke your heart. His loss, big-time!

Christina Hendricks - We just can’t get enough of this red hot smoking siren. The Mad Men star oozes sexuality whenever she walks on the red carpet, poses for the camera, opens her mouth…okay- she probably looks that stunning when she wakes up in the morning.

Coco - Ice T’s wife may be a little shocking at first sight but after watching their reality show, we understand why he loves her so much. Not only is she hot, but she is a domestic goddess. If vacuuming in furry heels and a polka dot dress while homemade cookies are in the oven doesn’t turn you on, then you’ve got issues.

Crystal Renn - This one time anorexic model has proved that you don’t have to be stick thin to be beautiful. After the strenuous task of maintaining a size 0 body for such a long time took a toll on her, she gained 70 lbs. and became a successful plus-size model.

Jennifer Lopez - What can we say about Jennifer Lopez that hasn’t already be said about winning the lottery? Nothing. That girl is practically perfect- from her body, to her skin, to her hair. It's spot on J Lo- you know what you’re doing. Mark Anthony is one big idiot for letting her go.

Jessica Simpson - Jessica has always been a self-proclaimed “top heavy” gal and we are fine with that. Now that she is preggers she has learned to embrace her curves and show them off. We love her because she doesn’t care what people think of her body anymore.

Khloe Kardashian - Not only is she our favorite Kardashian sister but the girl has curves to rival a windy road. She is tough, open-minded, fearless and sexy to boot. Lamar Odom is one lucky guy!

Lacey Schwimmer - This Dancing With the Stars cutie has been scrutinized about her body in the past, which makes us mad. Lacey has a great bod and rocks those tiny sequined outfits on the show. We’d like to see some of you in those two piece feathered frocks sweating your bum off while doing the Paso Doble, and still looking sexy.

Melissa McCarthy - A sense of humor always makes women a little sexier in our books, and Melissa holds that special gift. On top of the fact that she isn’t afraid to do anything to get a laugh- her character in Bridesmaids justifies that fact. The Emmy winner is sexy because she makes us laugh, she is humble and she has the cutest smile we have ever seen.

Sofia Vergara - The Modern Family star seems to cause a stir wherever she goes. Not only because of her loud personality but she has a body that does not stop. We often wonder how many guys watch her hit show just to see Sofia?

Tyra Banks - The model and entrepreneur has always been open about her body and never afraid to tell the truth about the struggles of being a curvy model. That is why we admire Tyra and her honesty. She makes curves sexy and inspires girls to work with what they have, often having plus-size models compete on her hit show, America’s Next Top Model.

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