The Best Emily Blunt Films For 'The Five-Year Engagement' Release

April 26th, 2012 10:03am EDT

Five-Year Engagement How can anyone have a sour word to say about the lovely and talented English actress, Emily Blunt? The only possibly grudge one could have against her is taking The Office’s John Krasinski off the market. But in her defense, she did suffer a broken heart from her former fiancé, Michael Buble- so the girl is very deserving. In honor of Emily’s comedy, The Five-Year Engagement co-starring Jason Segal, in theaters Friday, April 27th we take a look at the best films starring Mrs. Krasinski herself, Emily Blunt.

The Young Victoria - Emily was absolutely stunning in her portrayal as Queen Victoria in the 2009 film, The Young Victoria. The film, produced by Sarah Ferguson and Martin Scorsese, among others, was nominated for three Academy Awards and took home the Oscar for Best Costume Design.

The Devil Wears Prada - Not only was this our favorite Emily Blunt movies, but it is up there on our list of best movies ever. Based on the book written by Lauren Weisberger, the film was a hit thanks to the impeccable cast, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Blunt. Not to mention, the fashion and lifestyle behind Vogue magazine was something we have wanted to explore deeper since we have heard of Anna Wintour. By depicting a skinny, snobby assistant to Miranda Priestly, Emily was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe.

Sunshine Cleaning - The quirky and hilarious independent film, Sunshine Cleaning, co-starring Amy Adams and Alan Arkin earned rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. Emily plays the unmotivated and lazy sister to Amy, who comes up with a brilliant idea to start a crime scene cleanup job and forces her sister to help her out.

Dan in Real Life - Ewww- Ruthie Draper!!! Although she didn't have a starring role in this 2007 comedy starring Steve Carell, Emily plays an old flame to the widower, who used to be ridiculed by him and his brother as children, yet turned out to be a hot and successful surgeon.

The Adjustment Bureau - Co-starring Matt Damon, this 2011 romantic thriller kept us on the edge of our seats the entire hour and a half. Damon plays a congressman who meets a woman, played by Blunt, by a chance encounter in the bathroom one day. After she gave him her number, he discovers the adjustment bureau has taken over his life, and everyone in it is being controlled by them and “the plan.” He can’t get the woman he just met out of his head and it turns out that they are meant to be together, despite what is in “the plan” for the two. He will stop at nothing to be with his love.

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