Trust Brad Sherwood With Your Life

7/29/2012 1:32pm EDT | Erin Demchak By: Erin Demchak

Whose Line Is It Anyways funny man and Improv genius, Brad Sherwood, is back on ABC with Trust Us With Your Life. He spoke with us about the show, what it was like to work with Mark Cuban and his favorite Improv game from Whose Line Is It Anyways.



Starpulse: Tell me about your new show, Trust Us With Your Life.

Brad: It’s an Improv show with Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady and some other Whose Line Is It Anyways alum and we basically take these stories with interviews with celebrities and we kind of take our spin on it and play Improv games and rewrite their lives.

Starpulse: You have quite the cast on the show- Mark Cuban, Ricky Gervais, Jerry Springer, Florence Henderson…what was it like working with these celebrities?

Brad: It was fun! The shows that I did were with Mark Cuban and Jerry Springer and I had never met either one of them and I was curious to see what Mark Cuban was like and he was very nice and shy and told some very embarrassing stories from his early days before he made it big. It was kind of fun to see these little anecdotes then tape them and act them out and turn them into ridiculous versions of stories.

Starpulse: I was such a fan of Whose Line Is It Anyways and always wondered, were there any moments when you just froze on stage and had no idea what to do?

Brad: I think for the most part, I always knew what to do. I kind of tricked my instincts. It’s kind of like a comedy martial arts, you know, you go down a dark alley and you turn it into something funny. You know that you have to protect yourself so you don’t end up falling on your face.

Starpulse: My favorite skit in Whose Line Is It Anyways was ‘Props.’ Did you ever bust out any games at family BBQ’s?

Brad: No, we never played ‘Props’ at any of my family get-togethers. I loved that game too because it was always fun and scary because we didn’t get to see those props until performance time and the prop people would come out from the back room where they had everything hidden and basically say, “here, take this and come up with twenty jokes based on what you think when you look at this thing.”

Starpulse: That’s a lot of pressure!

Brad: No, but it’s fun because it makes you think kind of like a cartoonist. You have to tear it apart and look at it from a different perspective- what if I was really tiny and this thing was a big version of something? It’s almost like being a kid because when you’re a kid, someone hands you a stick and it’s a sword or a gun or a snake or a light saber. It brings you back to that part of your childhood when you had to play and be creative.

Starpulse: You and Colin are still working together, right?

Brad: Yes, we do live shows all over the country- we have been touring together for about eight years. It’s been a very fun and successful run. We perform in theaters with anywhere from one thousand to twenty five hundred seats and it’s a blast because we play some games that people may have seen from Whose Line Is It Anyways and some games that we have come up with. It is completely audience suggestion based and we bring a lot of audience members up so it’s very interactive and completely unscripted and different every night.

Starpulse: How did you get involved in Improv?

Brad: I always liked being a funny kid and when I moved out to L.A., I was trying to make a living and a friend of mine told me that he was in this Improv group and I went and checked it out and it was kind of like, the heavens parted and the beams of light came down and a voice said, “this is what you were meant to do!” I instantly took to it and knew that that was where I was going to have the strength to try to market myself as an actor. At that time, Improv wasn’t a way to make a live because Whose Line Is It Anyways wasn’t on the air and Improv was kind of just an actor’s workshop game.

Starpulse: And now it’s huge with Mad TV and Saturday Night Live to name a few. What is your favorite comedy show that you watch?

Brad: Well, my favorite was when I was a kid, I watched Monty Python. They were so hysterical! And I watched all the different sketch shows, I had a sketch show back in the nineties, so I have a fondness for that and a lot of people who are doing sketch shows are Improvers. Those are my peeps! 

Starpulse: What are a few of your other hobbies?

Brad: I’m kind of a Renaissance man. I like songwriting, playing music, painting and I like oceanography so I go scuba diving a lot. 

Starpulse: What’s up next for you?

Brad: Colin and I are still on tour, we usually do that the same time the school year is in session. We have like a teacher’s schedule. I’m always looking for work- filming a few pilots and hosting some shows. I really like hosting a lot. It’s like throwing out a fishing line and seeing what I catch.

Trust Us With Your Life is on Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm on ABC.

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