TV's Most Hilarious Ladies

October 13th, 2012 5:00pm EDT

ec This season’s hit comedies seem to be funnier than ever, and we think it is due to all the entertaining ladies who capture the audience’s attention, have us falling off our seats laughing and keep us tuning in each week for more. Here’s our list of the biggest riots on TV:

Eliza Coupe may not be as recognizable as most of the other ladies on our list but once you see her on Happy Endings, you will never forget her face. The New Hampshire native plays Jane, the hilarious older sister of Elisha Cuthbert and wife of Damon Wayans Jr. who is a tad neurotic but loveable all the same. You may recognize Eliza from the film, What’s Your Number or the hit TV show Scrubs but if you have yet to catch her on Happy Endings, you are missing out!

Kaitlin Olson is best known as Dee on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, whose character this season will be oddly played by Xzibit. We never know what to expect out of Kaitlin’s character on the show, but we always expect to be crying from laughter by the end of it. She even gets to work on the set everyday with her real life husband, Rob McElhenney, who plays her friend and co-worker, Mac.

Maya Rudolph may not be featured on Saturday Night Live anymore, but you can catch her alongside Will Arnett and fellow funny lady, Christina Applegate on NBC’s Up All Night. Maya plays Ava, the larger than life, selfish and egotistical talk show host who is not afraid to show her wealth, fame and power. Hands down, one of our favorite shows of all time.

Melissa McCarthy is the Emmy award winner and Oscar nominated actress who makes us laugh by simply smiling. Best known for her role in Bridesmaids, Melissa can be seen weekly on her show, Mike and Molly. She is so funny that her appearance on Saturday Night Live even earned her an Emmy nod. She is unstoppable!

Amy Poehler is another Saturday Night Live alum turned TV star, who can be seen on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Amy was nominated for an Emmy this year for her role on the show, but lost to Julie Louis-Dreyfus.

Zooey Deschanel may not be a new girl on the block, but she certainly earns the title of New Girl on her hit show. Zooey has such a sweet, innocence about her that her dry humor comes as a surprise and practically knocks you down.

Christina Applegate stars alongside Maya on Up All Night, and with her crazy work schedule on the show, her stay at home husband who is always screwing up somehow, and her adorable baby, Amy, it’s not a surprise how the show earned its title. Haven’t tuned in? We suggest you pull and all nighter and catch up on every last episode. You won’t regret it!

Casey Wilson is sticking with our theme of Saturday Night Live alums that shine on their own shows, as she cracks us up each week on Happy Endings, alongside Eliza Coupe. Like the time her character was supposedly on a cleanse but secretly was binging food so her friends wouldn’t catch her, only to be startled with a knock on her door while she was chowing on nachos. Her solution? Strategically hide her food on her ceiling fan blade. It worked until her friend turned on the fan and spewed nachos all over the place!

Julie Bowen, we bow down to you and your comedic style. What can we say about the Emmy award winning star of Modern Family that hasn’t already been said through her countless awards? Nothing. And if you haven’t seen her on Modern Family- go home right now. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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